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Can't get smooth dough balls

I'm fairly new to pizza; I've probably only made the master dough (without starter) three or four times. I am following measurements and steps to the letter, but when it comes time to ball the dough... (more)

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Nicholas S.
posted about 1 hour ago

Darryl Cayetano replied to this post • 1 day ago

Proper way for cold bulk fermentation

Hi. I ordered the book pizza bible today from amazon it will arrive between 2 to 5 days. Would like to ask what the best method I can make for my caputo pizzeria 00 to make more elastic, leopard spot... (more)

Small 66  3rd day side   Small autolyze 1 hr  bulk 4 hrs  62  2nd day  1   
Darryl Cayetano
posted 16 days ago

Mr Mike replied to this post • 5 days ago

Deep dish is exuding water when sliced

Deep dish turns out great except when I slice it I am dabbing up a ton of water which quickly ruins the crust. Happens on the sausage deep dish and the spinach. No top crust and I am using ceramic ba... (more)

Dee Damico
posted 2 months ago

Chris L. replied to this post • 14 days ago

Making Gluten Free pizza dough

I want to make a Gluten Free dough. How far in advance should I make it? Can it rest overnight or for 36+ hours like a regular dough?

RC Gallegos
posted over 3 years ago

Chris L. replied to this post • 14 days ago

Gluten free flour

Any tips for ratios using Gluten Free flour?
Am cooking for a coeliac and want to try & replicate the dough recipe as close as possible.

Leigh M.
posted over 3 years ago

Darryl Cayetano replied to this post • 17 days ago

Pizza dough tearing when stretching

So... I’m gonna open a pizza shop and my dough is tearing while stretching. I’m gonna do slices so it’s 18’’ pies. At first while I was hand kneeding the doughs they were coming out ok and quite stre... (more)

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Matthew May
posted 3 months ago



Hi. I plan to do the autolyse method. So i need to mix flour and water first right? then after the autolyse method I will add the starter and salt. Just wanna ask if my starter would properly mixed i... (more)

Darryl Cayetano
posted 17 days ago


Poolish grammage

I want to try master dough with starter for 4 pizzas.Should i multiply the each ingredient of poolish and dough by 4???

Hassan Javed
posted 21 days ago

Adrienne S. replied to this post • 24 days ago

Is my dough over-proofed? (Master dough w/o starter)

Hi all, this is my second attempt at the Master Dough without starter and I'm loving the process and results! However, I suspect that my dough is over-proofed and would appreciate any tips. Details b... (more)

Small day1 3 pre bulk fermentation   Small day2 1 post bulk fermentation  
Ashwin C.
posted 24 days ago


Degassing without a Mixer

Hi, I’m doing the two day process and I don’t have a mixer. How do you degas by hand? Thank you.

Tim Jones
posted 24 days ago