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Palermo Pizza in Kolding

Palermo Pizza I Kolding. It offer tasty Italian pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, oregano and much more at your discretion. We have a very large and wide s... (more)

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Alexander Ostergaard
posted about 9 hours ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 1 day ago

Pizza Dough Temperature before opening?

I have been making the NY style pizza dough using the master dough with a starter and then I cold ferment it for 48 hours. I remove it from the fridge 2 hours before I plan to put it in the oven, but... (more)

Marylou L.
posted 2 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 1 day ago


4 pizzas down with new unni 3. All tasted metal. Using tragedr pellets. But have been told that it may be the stone. HELP.

Jim .
posted 2 days ago


Store check out disabled?

Trying to check out on the pizza bible store, get a message that the check out has been disabled?

Mark G.
posted 4 days ago


Flour type

What flour is best for Roman style pizza. Thanks

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Fab Panetta
posted 7 days ago


Istanbul Pizza - Best take away in Horsens(Denmark)

Istanbul Pizza i Horsens has a wide range of food. We offer pizza, kebab rolls, homemade pita bread, homemade burger, barbecue, fries, rice dishes, sandwi... (more)

Small piza  
Thumb alex
Alexander Ostergaard
posted 13 days ago

Leila P. replied to this post • 14 days ago

Tangzhong Method for Pizza Dough

Has anyone tried the tangzhong method for making pizza dough? It seems this might work to get a higher hydration dough, just don't know if it work with the higher gluten flours. It works great for r... (more)

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David D.
posted 10 months ago


Master Dough With Starter Ingredient Ratio For 20kg

Hey guys,
Does anyone have the ratios for master dough with poolish starter at 20kg flour?
Thank you

Rasha M.
posted 15 days ago


Dough - Pizza bible steps

I was following the steps in the book starting from page 22 with the ingredients, page 24, day 1: make the dough, kneading, Bulk fermentation...
So after the kneading, we will leave the doug... (more)

Paolo Nicoli
posted 15 days ago


Pizza dough

Hello, pizza teacher!
I'm from China, and I'm honored to buy the pizza bible in China. For me, this pizza bible is not only a food book, but also a food book
He's so great for a startup book!
Ther... (more)

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ning xu
posted 18 days ago