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Maria . replied to this post • 4 days ago

Anyone have a good gluten free dough recipe?

Does anyone have a really good gluten-free dough recipe? For us here at PB, celiac disease might not be manageable. I honestly don't know how folks do it. There's a lot of really bad gluten-free s... (more)

Maria .
posted 9 days ago

Gene H replied to this post • 5 days ago

What brand of active dry yeast is recommended?

Hi Pizza Lovers,

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what type of active dry yeast you would recommend I use.

Also, how long does yeast last for. I bake pizza every second week so don't use ... (more)

Ian Nicholson
posted 11 days ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 7 days ago

When to Freeze Detroit Style Pizza

I have made the DSP a couple of times (using 2 8x10 pans). There has been a learning curve, but they are delicious. I am thinking of making a bunch to have for a party. I don't want to get more pa... (more)

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Karen G.
posted 10 days ago


Pizza Bible review

The holiday season is approaching and it's always the most important time of year for book sales. I hope you have learned something from my book and from our website. If you have already posted a re... (more)

Tony Gemignani admin
posted 7 days ago

Christopher S. replied to this post • 7 days ago

Pinsa style pizza, Roman style

2 weeks ago I had a group of Russians in my professional pizza course and they wanted to work on Pinsa style pizza. This is a pizza that is high hydrated, oval, multi grain which can be a blend of s... (more)

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Tony Gemignani admin
posted 10 days ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 8 days ago

Latest attempt at Pizzeria Mozza Pizza

Here's my latest attempt at replicating the pizza from Pizzeria Mozza. For those that haven't heard of Mozza, it's joint venture between Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton and Joseph Bastianich. Mozza m... (more)

Small 01 mozza   Small 02 mozza  
Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 24 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 9 days ago

Is Ceresota Flour 'the' Flour of Chicago Style Pizza?


Is Ceresota flour really "the" flour to use to create Chicago-style pizza? Or is there another option that will still offer the same quality of a Chicago style pizza crust?

I'm having... (more)

Jeff S.
posted 10 days ago

Christopher S. commented in this post • 11 days ago

Stretching Grandma PIes

I always have people reach out to me about my Grandma pizzas. It's the most popular slice we have at several locations. A lot of the questions people ask me are about the pushing and rise technique... (more)

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Tony Gemignani admin
posted 19 days ago


regulating the flame in my Uuni

Hi all,
My first post here:
I've now made about 40 pizzas in my Uuni and I am beginning to come to grips with the salient issue at the center of the problem.
Certainly, the Uuni heats up well and ... (more)

Tom G.
posted 16 days ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 17 days ago

Master Dough just sweats me crazy

Hi there,
I need help with Tony s master dough.
Although I strictly keep to his recipe, this master dough it's really hard to work with:
it is wet, sticky and does not at all look like the doughs... (more)

Small img 6828   Small img 6829  
Ulli Haus
posted 23 days ago