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Lance R. commented in this post • about 5 hours ago

Baking steels vs. Pizza stones. Which is better?

I'm familiar with pizza stones, but not baking steels. In recent days, I've been hearing more about baking steels. What's the difference between the two and is one better than the other for certain... (more)

Marcos F.
posted over 3 years ago

Maria . replied to this post • about 6 hours ago

Detroit Style Pizza Pan

I have a le creuset cast iron roaster that is 10 x 14. Can that be used instead of purchasing a Detroit pan? Will the results be the same?

Christie M.
posted 2 days ago

Lance R. replied to this post • about 7 hours ago

Pizza sauce

Hi guys just a quick question. For anyone with an opinion , What is the better option for pizza sauce is it better to cook your sauce before using it on a pizza base or just use it uncooked and just ... (more)

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Ric C.
posted about 11 hours ago

Cindy C. commented in this post • 2 days ago

BIGA/POOLISH vs Fresh Yeast

Why use biga/polish? Why not just use fresh yeast and be done with it?

What are the benefits of doing this extra step of pre-ferment instead of just making dough the same old way with just yeast?

Cindy C.
posted 3 days ago

John Soden replied to this post • 3 days ago

Master Dough Flour Perth

Hi All

I noticed in the master dough recipe that the suggested protein in the flour should be 13 - 14 %. I am in Australia, and can not find a flour with such a high protein composition. The close... (more)

Angus Y.
posted 20 days ago

Cindy C. commented in this post • 4 days ago

Pizza Dough Recipe needed

I'm hoping someone can help me here with a pizza dough recipe for a commercial gas oven that reaches 300 degrees (C) or 572 (F) and a recipe for same day dough rise.

I've made Neapolitan dough for... (more)

Cindy C.
posted 6 days ago

Christopher Skrocke replied to this post • 12 days ago

Where to get Wisconsin Brick in the Bay Area?

Anyone know where to get Wisconsin Brick cheese in the bay area? Live in Palo Alto but open to driving somewhere local rather than shipping in.

Kim S.
posted 9 months ago

Christopher Skrocke replied to this post • 13 days ago

Finding brick cheese in the Bay Area?

Does anyone know of a location for buying brick cheese in the Bay Area? I’m from Wisconsin originally ... I might have to ask family to ship me some.

Also, what type of brick cheese (mild, sharp,... (more)

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Paul S.
posted about 2 years ago


Diastetic Malt Litner question

Hi all, does anyone know anything about having malt ground to a flour and it's litner?

I can't find Malt easily in Australia, but a local beer brewing store has all sorts of malt from barley, whe... (more)

John Soden
posted 14 days ago

John Soden commented in this post • 16 days ago

Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt

Just curious if you can use Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt together when making dough?

Thank you!

Matt D.
posted about 2 months ago