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What was on the pizza you made with Roberto?

Watched the video on your facebook page - very informative. I'm trying to figure out what the young lady was putting on top of the pizza about 1/3 of the way in. Looked like capers or something simil... (more)

Steve Stein
posted 1 day ago

Christian B. replied to this post • 2 days ago

Detroit Pan Ruined?

I have a small Detroit Style pan and I’m afraid it’s ruined. Will someone please view the attached image and let me know?

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William Oberacker
posted 7 days ago

Ali H B. commented in this post • 2 days ago

Same day poolish

Is it possible to us a poolish after 4 to 6 hours with good results.

Ali H B.
posted 2 days ago

William Oberacker replied to this post • 4 days ago


Where can I find that good kind of pepperoni that kind of curls up when cooked... that pools litttle bits of grease???

William Oberacker
posted 4 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 9 days ago

Store still does not work!

How about a time line on when the store will be back on? If ever at all.

Andy S.
posted 9 days ago


Detroit textures

Detroit is a lot about cheese, right? I don't know what it is really like, but my PB version definitely is. It's about cheese and different textures . . .

Small bottom   Small detroit bottom  
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Maria .
posted 9 days ago

Maria . commented in this post • 12 days ago

Using Pizza Ovens for The Pizza Bible Recipes?


Ive been reading through the Pizza Bible, and have noticed the recipes are geared towards Home ovens.

What do I do if I have the capabilities of baking with 390*C celcius? I am thinking of... (more)

Andy Scott
posted 13 days ago


Reinhart's American Pie

I’m reading American Pie by Peter Reinhart that was published in 2003—way before Pizza Bible (2014). Interestingly, when Reinhart talks about home ovens, he does mention using two pizza stones! He ... (more)

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Maria .
posted 12 days ago

Steven Fontz replied to this post • 15 days ago

Baking pizza on natural gas barbecue

I've mastered baking pizza in my home oven however I haven't tried setting up the pizza stones on my gas grill and would like to take a shot at it. Any suggestions for a perfect pizza would be great... (more)

Raymond R.
posted about 2 months ago



My family always deep-fried calzones, and they still do. Better than baked. It's a little tricky, though, because they can develop a hole or open up at the seam, and you lose the filling. So I jus... (more)

Small calzone 2   Small calzone  
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Maria .
posted 16 days ago