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Maria D. replied to this post • about 4 hours ago

pizza ovens & grills for the masses

Hi Tony--Do you have a recommendation for home ovens that would be best for pizza? Is there a gas grill out there that you would recommend for pizza making for the masses? I see that Weber put out ... (more)

Maria D.
posted 11 days ago

Sally Knight replied to this post • about 4 hours ago

par baking pizza dough

I am just starting up a pizza food truck and am still working out the logistics of it all! I have a double electric oven with stones, and the trial pizzas I have made, the crust has been lovely but t... (more)

Sally Knight
posted 1 day ago

Darryl W. replied to this post • about 5 hours ago

1/3 of 1/8

When making a starter is 1/3 of 1/8 of a teaspoon a pinch. Is there anything I can use to get an exact measurement?

Darryl W.
posted 3 days ago

Mark S. replied to this post • about 6 hours ago

Blackstone Oven - Would you recommend it?

I recently saw a post about the Blackstone oven and would like to get some opinions from people on this site. The Amazon reviews look great, but reviews from people here would carry more weight.. A... (more)

Ben T.
posted over 1 year ago


Propane Pizza ovens

Has anyone hear uses the Blackstone outdoor propane pizza oven? and how do you like it?

Mark S.
posted about 6 hours ago


Recommended Equipment - What do you have that you love?

Hi all,

Frst time posting, just got The Pizza Bible and it looks like I'll be needed to buy nearly everything on the list of equipment needed. Since there are so many different companies and model... (more)

Joe C.
posted 1 day ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 2 days ago


Need a basic dough reciepe for making genuien italian pizza

David Elliott
posted 2 days ago


Preferred cleaning supplies for your kitchen

I haven't gone through the actual health department certification. However, I am very particular about hygiene. What is the best all purpose disinfectant/ cleaner that is food contact safe?

Jamie M.
posted 3 days ago

Jeff S. replied to this post • 3 days ago

NYC pie

Closest I have come to a NYC tasting pie. The pizza bible i feel like has increased my progression 3 fold. I am still having a very hard time tossing the dough. Instead of the middle having soft spot... (more)

Small image   Small image  
Jeff S.
posted 4 days ago


be a gypsy get around get your feet up off the ground

1. didn't go to home location
2. didn't get grandma (per PB)
3. must continue research ;-)

Small umberto box   Small umberto margherita slice  
Maria D.
posted 4 days ago