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Idriz Elezi replied to this post • 15 minutes ago

How to make soft napolitana pizza crust?

Hey guys, does anyone knows how to make soft crust in the napolitane pizza?

Idriz Elezi
posted 1 day ago

Mike Fuller commented in this post • about 1 hour ago


I'm looking for some good linguica for topping. It's pretty popular in this area so I was just curious if there was any thoughts on a quality brand for pizza?

Mike Fuller
posted about 2 hours ago

Idriz Elezi commented in this post • about 3 hours ago

Neapolitan Pie from Last Night

Here are some pics of a Neapolitan pie I made last night. This was made using the Neapolitan recipe in The Pizza Bible. I used a 8 hour starter and a 36 hour cold rise. This afternoon, I will make... (more)

Small neapolitan 1   Small neapolitan 2  
Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 29 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • about 11 hours ago

Dough is too elastic!

Hey, Guys--

I've fixed my problem of the dough being too sticky (reduced water content).

Now, my issue is the dough will not retain its shape when forming. It's like trying to stretch a rubber... (more)

Jay G.
posted 1 day ago

Idriz Elezi replied to this post • about 12 hours ago

amazing crust from home oven

I poked around with the crust recipe from Pizza Bible. I thought the recipe was a real pain the ass (like Alton Brown nerdy), and I didn't really believe the crust would be that different.. 4 grams... (more)

Maria D.
posted 1 day ago

Tony Gemignani replied to this post • 1 day ago

Quattro Forni: Possible Error in the Pizza Bible?

Tony says to use an 8x8 square pan for making the Quattro Forni and then at least a 10” pot for the deep frying. If my math is correct (using the Pythagorean Theorem), this is incorrect, as the small... (more)

Thumb nd8 6756
Paul S.
posted 6 days ago

Mike K. commented in this post • 2 days ago

equipment to cut pizza

What do most use to cut pizza? a rocker knife or a dough cutter?

John H.
posted 4 days ago

Paul S. replied to this post • 2 days ago

Bay Area Location for Buying Provel Cheese?

Does anyone know of a source for buying Provel cheese in the Bay Area? Thanks for any suggestions.

Thumb nd8 6756
Paul S.
posted 2 days ago

Mike K. commented in this post • 3 days ago

Help ! My dough stretches too easily??

So I'm not sure if this a problem but I'm looking for some advice. I've eencountered an issue a few times where my dough stretches too easy. I usually push out the dough on the counter top and then h... (more)

james genna
posted 18 days ago


First Quattro Forni

It’s been a while since I tried my hand at a new style. I made my first Quattro Forni tonight. It was fun deep frying the dough. It turned out awesome. Thanks Tony for selling me the pan. I’m making ... (more)

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Thumb nd8 6756
Paul S.
posted 5 days ago