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Salvatore C. commented in this post • 2 days ago

Got Sicilian? Who's hungry!

Who's hungry - Sicilian style.

2 day CF
Sicilian dough w/o starter , KA bread flour
No par bake.

Tomatoes , fresh mozzarella/ finished with fresh basil.


Small img 1186   Small img 1188  
Salvatore C.
posted 3 days ago

Jack Sandusky replied to this post • 2 days ago

Looking forward to learning on this site

hello all, my wife and I operate a pizza shop on the North entrance to Yellowstone park. Looking forward to chatting, sharing and learning with you all on this site.

Jack Sandusky
posted 12 days ago


do the tarantella over some mortadella

Mortadella calzone sandwich per PB--well except for the arugula. Didn't have any butter leaf lettuce, so it was arugula or iceberg. I think I made the right choice :-) It's good with balsamic & ev... (more)

Small mortadella calzone open face   Small mortadella calzone sandwich  
Maria .
posted 4 days ago


my calzone runneth over

used the entire 13 oz dough ball

Small 20170519 214400  
Maria .
posted 6 days ago

Maria . replied to this post • 7 days ago

is it too bubbly ?under fermented or over fermented ?

Hi guys,
My dough sometime seem to be very bubbly , there are large bubbles come out on the edge and center of the crust, is it too bubbly ? Is it normal ? If it is abnormal , what was wrong ? un... (more)

Small img 6917   Small img 6920  
Ted Sin
posted 2 months ago

Chris H. replied to this post • 8 days ago

First dough I ever made

I did 24 hour bulk ferment, just balled them waiting 24 more hours. The Pizza Bible is like having Tony right in the kitchen with you. I hand mixed the dough. Finish pictures to follow. THANKS Tony

Small 20170511 193327  
Jason P.
posted 14 days ago

Maria . replied to this post • 9 days ago

i gottcha focaccia

Between seeing Ulli's posts during my lunch hour and watching an amazing Italian grandpa make this while u-tubing, I had to have some focaccia. I thought it would go well alongside my split-pea soup... (more)

Small tomato   olive   Small whole purple  
Maria .
posted 18 days ago

Maria . replied to this post • 10 days ago

La Regina

La Regina sans piave. I don't know if it's available locally.

Small regina closeup   Small regina on plate  
Maria .
posted 10 days ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 16 days ago

Testing Pizzas

Hi all,

I'd like to share my testing results with you in this post.

I will begin with the biggest batch I've ever made during my Pizza Party last night :-) --> I specifically set this event up... (more)

Small img 7871   Small img 7876  
Ulli Haus
posted about 1 month ago

robert C. replied to this post • 16 days ago

Amazing pizza in New Mexico

So the wife and I are in NM for the week celebrating our anniversary and we stopped at Pizzeria de Lino in NM (tradition every time we make the trip). The pizza is amazing so I had to ask the owner w... (more)

robert C.
posted 16 days ago