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cesar Echegaray replied to this post • 2 days ago

Struggling to get decent results

Hi All,

New to this site but have been trying to make authentic pizza at home for a couple of years now.

After a bit of research I think the main issue is my oven just wont get hot enough. The... (more)

James K.
posted 3 days ago


Mesa pizza crust

I wanted to make a "street taco" Pizza and wondered if anyone had ever used masa to make pizza dough. I have several unique pizzas like a jalapeno popper pizza, big Mac pizza, Greek pizza and I wante... (more)

Michelle S.
posted 4 days ago

Bill F. replied to this post • 7 days ago

New store possibility with questions!

I live in a town with the absolute worst pizza selections, mostly chain/cardboard tasting pizza. I want to open my own place. Where I grew up had the most amazing pizza and I finally found out wher... (more)

Larry W.
posted 3 months ago

Eric Mooney replied to this post • 9 days ago

When to Freeze Detroit Style Pizza

I have made the DSP a couple of times (using 2 8x10 pans). There has been a learning curve, but they are delicious. I am thinking of making a bunch to have for a party. I don't want to get more pa... (more)

Small img 8184.jpg  
Karen G.
posted almost 3 years ago

Eric Mooney replied to this post • 9 days ago

First Detroit Style Pizza attempt... NAILED IT !!

Nailed my first DSP attempt. Really appreciate some of the previous comments on here about the behavior of the Lloyds pan which I used. Based on these comments I did NOT use butter. I used about ... (more)

Small img 0357   Small img 0358  
Eric Mooney
posted about 1 month ago

Dana Schwartz replied to this post • 10 days ago

Pizza not stretching properly

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to find my way to the ultimate pizza recipe.
However I don't seem to be able to create a pizza that can be stretched with the knuckles without breaking.

The gluten wi... (more)

Djellel D.
posted about 4 years ago


Bobs red mill artisan flour

I have bough bobs red mill artisan flor that comes in a purple bag. It is considered the companies highest gluten flour. I have used it and have had great results, but I am not for sure if it's the ... (more)

Michelle D
posted 11 days ago

Steve H. replied to this post • about 1 month ago

Detroit Style pans getting scratched

I've had my Detroit steel pan for a few weeks now and have made about 3-4 pizzas with them. The pan is amazing and I've been very pleased with the pies that have come out of the pan.

I'm wonder... (more)

Small detroit  
Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Ken K. replied to this post • about 1 month ago

Sicilian Dough

According to the recipe the flour amount calls for 578 grams or 4.5 cups. When weighing 4.5 cups I am getting almost 850 grams. Which one is it? 4.5 cups or 578 grams? Please help, thanks

Raffi S
posted about 1 month ago


Allied Metal Sicilian/grandma black buster pans--anyone have some for sale??

Allied Metal apparently no longer makes the BB1218 or BB1212 pans, unfortunately. I will be trying some Lloyd pans that I recently purchased, but they are aluminum, which means I will have to learn ... (more)

Ken K.
posted about 1 month ago