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Raghavendra Sondur replied to this post • about 4 hours ago

new set up/ India

HI , I live in India and wish to set up a start up. I am planning to purchase s spiral mixer to mix the dough, a dough divider and rounder, a pizza roller machine and to decide between a convey... (more)

Avninder Mutchall
posted 9 months ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • about 15 hours ago

First Try on Fully Stuffed Deep Dish under "cruel" conditions

Hi all,
last night, I did my first fully stuffed deep-dish pie under cruel conditions. Cruel? Yeah, cruel indeed because at the moment, I've lost my sense to taste due to my current cold - let me te... (more)

Small img 0515   Small img 0516  
Ulli Haus
posted about 22 hours ago


Another Sicilian pie!!

Another crack at at the Sicilian but first time using my Sicilian pan this time , wow what a difference!

Sauce simple San Marzano hand crushed and a can of 6 in 1 ground tomatoes. Pinch of basil ... (more)

Small img 2171   Small img 2173  
Salvatore C.
posted about 18 hours ago


salt , starter

1- in the master dough with starter .. why we dont desolve salt in the water ?
2-i see tony training video and he was using poolish .. he said to the group if we use starter dont use cold fermen... (more)

nor N.
posted about 24 hours ago


Water in my Pizza Dough Boxes

Why sometime I found water in the pizza dough box?

Ferdinando De Stefano
posted 1 day ago

Madlyn S. replied to this post • 1 day ago

What is the best flour for indoor ovens (500 degrees max)

Please forgive the newbie question. I am an experienced artisan bread, kaiser roll and yeast cake maker of over 30 years so hubby wanted me to try pizza.
I made pizza at home for the first time Fri... (more)

Madlyn S.
posted 5 days ago

Mark S. replied to this post • 1 day ago

Has anyone tried this?

I was reading an article in the recent edition of Pizza Today magazine in which the author of the article mentioned using the same yeast as would be used to make lager beer. The idea being that it wa... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 6 days ago

Lorenzo Furfaro replied to this post • 3 days ago

Degassing and temperature before balling.

I've mixed a Napoletana style dough and bulk fermented for 24-30 hours. My question is should I be getting the dough to room temperature before taking it out of the container/degassing? It's 62% hydr... (more)

Small img 0314  
Lorenzo Furfaro
posted 4 days ago

Jeff S. replied to this post • 6 days ago

Mobile Pizza

Soooo my oven arrived today. The trailer now can start being assembled. I am very excited and very happy with the way thing are coming along. I figured I would show you all what I am doing. If yo... (more)

Small img 2502  1   
Jeff S.
posted 6 days ago

Maria . replied to this post • 7 days ago

exploding dough

I think everyone here will agree that we feel good when we've got some dough fermenting somewhere--A little more optimistic about life, an extra pep to our step, etc., just knowing something good is ... (more)

Small exploding dough   Small refoldeddough  
Maria .
posted 11 days ago