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Bob K. replied to this post • about 1 hour ago

New guy....

Hey gang....new member and first time poster here. Picked up some of Tony's 00 Artisan flour a while back and made a batch of dough a couple of weeks ago. I remembered today that I still had a dough ... (more)

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Bob K.
posted about 18 hours ago


Choosing a woodfired pizza oven

What oven brand is used in Tony Gemignani's restaurants?

Norman Jacobs
posted about 16 hours ago

Matthew D. commented in this post • about 19 hours ago

Sicilian Style - Pepperoni & Sausage

Making this Sicilian Style pizza was my first "authentic" home-made Sicilian Style pizza. The efficacy of the words favorite and best are become practically meaningless for me in regards to The Pizz... (more)

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Matthew D.
posted 14 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 1 day ago

Looking for the right Temperature

Hi, Im cooking my pizzas in my restaurant using an electric deck oven which uses separate top and bottom thermostats, each with a setting that ranges from 0 to 10. The oven manual suggests setting ... (more)

Whisley D.
posted 3 days ago

Tony Gemignani replied to this post • 1 day ago

Advice on Dough Rounding Machines

Does anybody have any experience with dough dividers/rounders? I had to fire my dough maker for sanitation reasons, and with the rising minimum wage laws I'm considering replacing him with a divider... (more)

Josh K.
posted 3 days ago

james genna replied to this post • 3 days ago

Neapolitan Pie from Last Night

Here are some pics of a Neapolitan pie I made last night. This was made using the Neapolitan recipe in The Pizza Bible. I used a 8 hour starter and a 36 hour cold rise. This afternoon, I will make... (more)

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Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 4 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 4 days ago

Timing of salt in master dough

Can someone explain to me why the salt is added prior to the 20 minute rest period in the master dough with starter recipe and not after the rest period? Does adding salt before the rest period affec... (more)

Robert R
posted 4 days ago

Tory Glenn replied to this post • 5 days ago

Wheat Bran Starter

I'm wondering about the wheat bran starter in the book.
Maybe a silly question, but does the 'water' from the wheat bran that gets added to the 'starter' impart any bran flavor into the final dough ... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 2 months ago

Rory Martinez commented in this post • 5 days ago

Cold Bulk Fermentation Using Poolish Starter


I am wanting to try out Tony's Neapolitan recipe and had a question about bulk fermentation when using a Poolish.

Just to go through my normal routine without using a Poolish - I normally... (more)

Rory Martinez
posted 6 days ago

Tony Gemignani replied to this post • 6 days ago

Trying a new 00 receipe

I just tried the recipe used by Jonny Di Francesco, 2014 World Pizza Champion who lives in my country of origin Australia!

I now live in Dana Point, USA.

I used my Kettle Pizza Kit attached to... (more)

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Kim Hyde
posted 13 days ago