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Bob D commented in this post • 2 days ago

Chicago Style Cracker Crust - Sticky dough?

Is this dough supposed to be sticky? This is my second try at making this and I'm noticing its a very sticky dough. Should I be adding more flour?


Bob D
posted 2 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 2 days ago

St Louis Style Pizza

Has anybody here tried cooking or making this style of pizza? I am going to try it......just like to hear other peoples experience in making this, advice, tips. recipes etc etc......I have google a ... (more)

Mark S.
posted 3 days ago


Greco/oven burned up already

Oven burned up--dead as a door nail :-( Only 6 years old. I was getting error codes while using the broiler method a couple of weeks ago, but then while baking the greco, it just shut itself down a... (more)

Small greco slice   Small greco pie  
Maria D.
posted 2 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 8 days ago

Cracker Thin & Frank Nitti

Good for serving w/evening cocktails, New Year’s Eve, and to your anorexic friends! Frank Nitti was my 2nd choice, but I actually preferred it. I prepared them as directed, but I think it turned ou... (more)

Small 20160720 225909   Small 20160720 230211  
Maria D.
posted 9 days ago

Andrew Mobley replied to this post • 8 days ago

Master Dough without Starter

I'm trying out the Master Dough without starter recipe for the first time. I'm using King Arthur unbleached bread flour (that's all I have for now). Is the dough, once refrigerated for 24-hours in ... (more)

Andrew Mobley
posted 8 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 9 days ago

How to make flakier tender Pizza crusts

Hi guys,any tips of how to make flakier tender pizza crusts ?

Idriz Elezi
posted 12 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 9 days ago

More pies from tonight -- New York and Greek Style

A few more pics from tonight. I took a second shot at the New England Greek style and sorted out most of the issues. I set my oven to 450F today instead of 500F and got a *much* better result. Als... (more)

Small greek 1   Small ny 1  
Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 1 year ago


Buona Fortuna

Good luck! Stopped last night on the way home from work to pick up some provolone for Cracker Thin, and as I waited @ the deli counter, I spied these Calabrian peppers! I couldn't remember why I ne... (more)

Small calabria peppers  
Maria D.
posted 10 days ago

Maria D. replied to this post • 11 days ago


Had to try it. Born in Brooklyn--lived a stone’s throw from Spumoni Gardens . . . lots of family from there. I was able to get my hands on All Trumps, & I used it in the master dough w/o poolish. ... (more)

Small 20160717 235645   Small 20160716 165201  
Maria D.
posted 12 days ago

Virginia Schlaff replied to this post • 12 days ago

dough in a bread maker

Can I use my zojirushi bread maker to make the pizza dough?

Virginia Schlaff
posted 12 days ago