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Mike K. commented in this post • about 12 hours ago

Caputo Flour Consensus

I am able to get pound and pounds of the Caputo Chef flour virtually for free through a childhood friend of my who owns his own Pastry shop. I am able to get others as well but I wanted to get the op... (more)

Salvatore C.
posted 15 days ago

Tony Gemignani replied to this post • 1 day ago

Difference in flavor/texture between Poolish and Tiga?

First off, I wanted to say big thank you to Tony and the team for making a great book! I've made the master dough with poolish last weekend and baked on two stones at 570F. Came out fantastic - defin... (more)

Alex L.
posted 13 days ago

Christopher S. replied to this post • 1 day ago

New Yorker Pizza

Hey, so I made the New Yorker Pizza from the book and as good as it was, there was no char on the bottom versus the top of the pizza. I don't own a brick oven or a pizza oven, I use my regular home o... (more)

Lowell Cohen
posted 2 days ago

Maria . replied to this post • 4 days ago

Very Sticky Master Dough, Wouldn't Slide off of Peel

First, let me say I love the book. I am SOOO looking forward to making some Detroit-style!!!!

I have a question about how "sticky" the dough should be at each stage. I realize this dough is high i... (more)

William Oberacker
posted 6 days ago

ahmed chef replied to this post • 5 days ago

active dry yeast

so i purshased Tony's book "th pizza bible" and i'm now ready to do my first dough, but Tony said that we must use active dry yeast, the problem is that we don't have that kind of yeast in my countr... (more)

ahmed chef
posted 8 days ago

M B. commented in this post • 6 days ago

Using a portable outdoor oven - High Temp


I recently picked up an outdoor pizza oven (Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000) that is powered by propane. This oven gets HOT, which is awesome! On a cold winter day i... (more)

M B.
posted 6 days ago

Alex L. replied to this post • 7 days ago

Experience on flour and (master) dough

Hi all,
in the following, I would like to share my experiences and findings also regarding claims such as

"It's all about great typo 00 Italian flour if you want great handling dough and Pizzas ... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted 11 days ago

Maria . commented in this post • 8 days ago

Lack of historical research on the Art and Craft of Pizza...

I donated my copy of "The Pizza Bible," to my Almamater because I understand the IMPORTANCE of the Historical Research and Study of the Art and Craft of the sometimes under-represented Culinary Repri... (more)

James A.
posted 14 days ago


Photo of a Pizza I just made before my copy of the pizza bible arrives.

This is a 70% hydration dough made with local bread flour at 14% gluten content. Fermented at room temp for 18 hours then shaped and it cold proofed in the fridge for two days.

Topped with fresh ... (more)

Small img 2329   Small img 2330  
Aaron B.
posted 12 days ago

Mike K. commented in this post • 13 days ago

Making Master Dough - flat beater followed by spiral?

Made master dough and it turned out great. However because my spiral dough hook is not very efficient at bringing the water and flour together, I had to knead a lot by hand to get rid of the clumps. ... (more)

Alex L.
posted 13 days ago