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Raj Irukulla replied to this post • about 11 hours ago

Master Dough with and without starter

In the PB the recipe with and without the starter call for the same starting amount of flour and water. It seems like the base would be less of water and flour if we are using a starter. Can someone ... (more)

Tim Bartolomeo
posted about 14 hours ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 1 day ago

Bulk Cold Fermination

Hi Guys,
I'm just after some help with cold bulk fermination to cook Neapolitan style pizza at home in my woodfire oven.
im working with about 58-60% hydration and  0.5% yeast and about 2.5%salt. ... (more)

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Daniel Borg
posted 9 days ago

Giorgio O. replied to this post • 6 days ago

Sour Dough Starter

Just curious but any thoughts on making pizza dough with a fresh sour dough starter? I am on the King Arthur website and they sell a fresh sour dough starter. I was wondering if there might be any ad... (more)

Paul Gardner
posted 30 days ago


Neapolitan biga pizza

50% Tiga Starter
65% hydration
Rieper Pizza flour (South tyrol)
48h fermentation
Baked in 90 seconds at 450C with UUNI 3 with Gas

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Robert U.
posted 10 days ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 11 days ago

Master Class dough with 00 flour - any adjustments to amounts?

I want to make the master class dough. But can I use 00 flour as that is all I have!

Kiran N.
posted 13 days ago

Jianyi BBQ replied to this post • 13 days ago

Indian pizzeria market

Hi all,
How about getting oo flour in India at reasonable market rate or which Indian brand resembles to oo flour for pizza making, although presently I am using brand from which my pizza ... (more)

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rahul k
posted about 1 year ago


Napoletana Dough without starter - tips

Hi all,

I am new to the community and just purchased "The Pizza Bible", which is very interesting. I have a simple question about the Napoletana Dough.

I have seen Tony's recipe on the book but... (more)

Claudio A.
posted 15 days ago

Paul Gardner replied to this post • 30 days ago

Autolyse Method Question

I am new to this sight and fairly new at pizza making. So I bought The Pizza Bible and I just made the Master Dough with Starter Recipe (Page 44). I followed the ingredient list exactly; however, I t... (more)

Paul Gardner
posted about 1 month ago

Jesper Rasmussen replied to this post • 30 days ago

Prepare pizza dough for sale. What is the best way to pack?

Hi, all of you!
I'm working on a new pizza concept with pizza boxes where you get delivered everything you need for 3 great pizzas Friday night. Like dough, Tomato sauce, toppings, cheese etc. in a ... (more)

Jesper Rasmussen
posted about 1 month ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • about 1 month ago

Grande Mozzarella

I live in Petaluma, CA and have been making theses pizzas for several years now. Recently I went to Whole Foods to buy some Grande Cheese and was told that they no longer carry that brand. Does any... (more)

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Raymond R.
posted about 1 year ago