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Ulli Haus replied to this post • 14 days ago

Testing Pizzas

Hi all,

I'd like to share my testing results with you in this post.

I will begin with the biggest batch I've ever made during my Pizza Party last night :-) --> I specifically set this event up... (more)

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Ulli Haus
posted 4 months ago



This is my 2nd dough making project: Master Dough with Starter.

Yesterday, made my starter (Poolish) and it fermented very well within 12+ hours. So I made a corporate decision to make my dough t... (more)

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Kathryn Wickstrom
posted 16 days ago


Impact of time and temperature on dough

I'm looking for help in this forum that can help me understand the impact on a pizza of proofing both in mass form and in ball form and both at room temperature and fridge. Ideally, there exist linea... (more)

jr 0.
posted 17 days ago


Secret to Leopard corniccione?

If one where to single handedly pick one thing or a combination of things that would 100% lead to the leopard type corniccione, what would that be?


jr 0.
posted 17 days ago

Frank L. replied to this post • 17 days ago

Pizza oven temperature and timing

Hi, guys!
I really need your professional help!
Can you please tell me the most correct pizza baking temperatures and cooking time for Tony's master dough, Deep-dish Chicago dough and Sicilian doug... (more)

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Giorgio O.
posted 24 days ago


Gluten Free Flour

@Tony & the community

Can I get some recommendations of some gluten free flour?

Also do you use fast rise yeast or the slow rise?


Frank L.
posted 17 days ago


Volume Differences in Different Flour Type Batches of Poolish Starter

I made two 150g batches of Poolish starter last night to produce 5 balls of Napoletana dough and 5 balls of Cracker Thin dough using Antimo Caputo 00 Blue flour for the Napoletana Poolish and Ceresot... (more)

Jeff Stumpe
posted 17 days ago


The PIzza Bible as a Father's Day 2017 Gift

It's been about six weeks since receiving The Pizza Bible from my son and daughter-in-law, and my desire to "Respect the Craft" has only increased.

I completed the Master Class and made two piz... (more)

Jeff Stumpe
posted 20 days ago

Thomas W. commented in this post • 20 days ago

Finding brick cheese in the Bay Area?

Does anyone know of a location for buying brick cheese in the Bay Area? I’m from Wisconsin originally ... I might have to ask family to ship me some.

Also, what type of brick cheese (mild, sharp,... (more)

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Paul S.
posted over 1 year ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 20 days ago

Got the Bible - Fermentation Q...

I've made pizza on my new wood fired oven about 6 times now.

Always had a 2-3 day ferment ... by the book.

I didn't plan well and are doing a "last minute" pizza get together. I have 24 hours t... (more)

Mike B.
posted 21 days ago