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Raymond R. replied to this post • 15 days ago

Grande Mozzarella

I live in Petaluma, CA and have been making theses pizzas for several years now. Recently I went to Whole Foods to buy some Grande Cheese and was told that they no longer carry that brand. Does any... (more)

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Raymond R.
posted 15 days ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 15 days ago

New oven

I dealt with four different home ovens within the last four years, due to one giving up the ghost and was replaced with a cheaper model by our management, then we moved and that new oven was differen... (more)

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Mike K.
posted 28 days ago

Kim S. commented in this post • 18 days ago

Making pizza for 40 people - help!

We've got our first catering gig! (sort of). My sister is letting my boyfriend and I cater her son's birthday party. There will be about 40 adults there. The only thing is that we haven't ever made m... (more)

Kim S.
posted 20 days ago

Gaetano Cammorata replied to this post • 18 days ago

i gottcha focaccia

Between seeing Ulli's posts during my lunch hour and watching an amazing Italian grandpa make this while u-tubing, I had to have some focaccia. I thought it would go well alongside my split-pea soup... (more)

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Maria .
posted about 2 months ago


Where to get Wisconsin Brick in the Bay Area?

Anyone know where to get Wisconsin Brick cheese in the bay area? Live in Palo Alto but open to driving somewhere local rather than shipping in.

Kim S.
posted 19 days ago

Kim S. commented in this post • 20 days ago

Testing Pizzas

Hi all,

I'd like to share my testing results with you in this post.

I will begin with the biggest batch I've ever made during my Pizza Party last night :-) --> I specifically set this event up... (more)

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Ulli Haus
posted 2 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 21 days ago

Mixing APF and 00

I am hoping to open a pizza shop near a whole bunch of college kids this summer before school starts again. I would love tons of delivery business so the pizza must hold its structure and crispiness.... (more)

Andrew A.
posted 21 days ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 23 days ago


ok i said i had questions ....

1) ...is there a truly best pizza dough recipe ....i use 1 cup water with 3 cups flour ....i proof my yesat using sugar ( i will be adding diastatic malt as soon as... (more)

Gaetano Cammorata
posted 23 days ago

Ted Sin commented in this post • 24 days ago

Are these large bubbles normal ?

Hi guys,
My dough sometime seem to be very bubbly , there are large bubbles come out on the edge and center of the crust, is it too bubbly ? Is it normal ? If it is abnormal , what was wrong ? un... (more)

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Ted Sin
posted 3 months ago

Gaetano Cammorata replied to this post • 24 days ago

Affordable Pizza Oven

I'm new to this forum and still trying to get my pizza right. I use 00 flour. The thing is, this post is not to discuss pizza dough making techniques (that will come later). This post has to do wit... (more)

Gaetano Cammorata
posted 26 days ago