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Allied Metal Sicilian/grandma black buster pans--anyone have some for sale??

Allied Metal apparently no longer makes the BB1218 or BB1212 pans, unfortunately. I will be trying some Lloyd pans that I recently purchased, but they are aluminum, which means I will have to learn ... (more)

Ken K.
posted 2 months ago


Tony's Artisan 00 and Malt

Just received Tony's 00 Artisan flour and made master dough with poolish for NY style pizzas this weekend. It's outstanding! After many other flours I've tried this one hits just the right crust cons... (more)

Mike Klein
posted 2 months ago

Christopher S. replied to this post • 2 months ago

Guinness Stout Sausage

One of my favorite pies is the Guinness Stout sausage at Tony’s restaurants. He makes a sausage with Stout, a dough with stout and a stout reduction glaze over the top. I’m trying to find a recipe fo... (more)

Dale Olstinske
posted 3 months ago

Stephen Cobb replied to this post • 3 months ago

Confusion about the protein amount in German flour

I recently bought the book and read through the opening information, master class etc.
However, I am from Germany, so it is hard to source the recommended flours. Since Germany has a rich ba... (more)

Nikolai V.
posted 3 months ago


Travelling 5 hours with dough

I am going on a road trip and the place we are going has a pizza oven. Great joy. So I am wanting to transport dough with me so that we can have it the day after we arrive.

I make the Neapolitan ... (more)

James Wake
posted 3 months ago

Tom S. commented in this post • 3 months ago

Looking for brick cheese in Southern California

I live east of Los Angeles and I'm looking to acquire a few pounds of brick cheese for making Detroit style pizzas. I've found a few sources online but would rather drive a bit rather than pay the hi... (more)

Tom S.
posted 5 months ago

Hazel Welch replied to this post • 3 months ago

Olive Oil Question

What is a good brand of finishing EVOO you all use, I have one I use often but want to try some others!

Bruce T.
posted 9 months ago


Neopolitan rise time

I need to postpone a pizza gathering by one day and the dough balls are in the fridge. I have only ever left the dough in the fridge for 48 hours, will another 24 do any harm? Should I de-gas the do... (more)

Beau Hale
posted 4 months ago

John Gestner replied to this post • 4 months ago

Grande Cheese in the Midwest

I am looking for Grande Cheese Whole Milk Mozzarella in the St Louis MO area. Does anyone know of a company that carries Grande or a good online shopping option?

For awhile I was using the whole f... (more)

Ethan R.
posted 6 months ago

andrew T. replied to this post • 4 months ago

Brick Cheese in Monterey?

Any recommendations for finding Brick Cheese in the Monterey Peninsula? (Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Del Rey Oaks)

since we have to live without Buddy's Pizza, I'd like to try to mak... (more)

Wendy Fields
posted 4 months ago