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Kebo Punkarelli replied to this post • 4 months ago

NY sauce combinations

I had a good question emailed to me about a true NY / East Coast sauce recipe, and about my sauce recipes in the book.

You'll get a better New York or New Jersey-style sauce by using Saporito or ... (more)

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Tony Gemignani admin
posted over 4 years ago


Neapolitan Dough Recipe Without Starter?

Hi Guys -

Love the book (especially the Neapolitan pizza contest story - awesome stuff Tony). I have been making Neapolitan pizzas for about a year now and use the same directions/amounts when mak... (more)

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Kevin M.
posted 4 months ago


Flour in the UK

Hi guys none of the flours from the book are available in the UK does anybody know of any good flours over here?

Ben C.
posted 4 months ago

Chris L. replied to this post • 5 months ago

Gluten free flour

Any tips for ratios using Gluten Free flour?
Am cooking for a coeliac and want to try & replicate the dough recipe as close as possible.

Leigh M.
posted almost 4 years ago


Soupy Mess

I’ve made a few pizzas from scratch now using whatever recipes I could find online, but I recently found this book and decided to give it a try. I tried to use the recipe on page 48 using the instruc... (more)

Ronald Y.
posted 5 months ago

Darryl Cayetano replied to this post • 5 months ago

Sauce Orange color

Im im having trouble with my sauce, it getting orange after and not the beuty red
I use
Mutti pomodoro pelatti 400 gr
Olive oil

20 minutes cooking tim... (more)

Jonatan Vega
posted 5 months ago

Mychael Parker replied to this post • 5 months ago

Placing an order

Trying to place an order but keep getting "checkout disabled" message. Any else having trouble?

patty R.
posted 5 months ago


Monical's Pizza

hello. i lived in Illinois, and monicals was one of my favorite pizzas. does any one know what style of pizza that is considered. Would it be Chicago or st Louis cracker thin?

tom ripberger
posted 6 months ago

Mychael Parker replied to this post • 6 months ago

Raj & Tony

I think it would be smart to make this board a Facebook Group page, this way we get notified when things post or people answer. it seems that people post on here it sits for days if not weeks before ... (more)

Mychael Parker
posted 6 months ago

Nicholas S. commented in this post • 6 months ago

Can't get smooth dough balls

I'm fairly new to pizza; I've probably only made the master dough (without starter) three or four times. I am following measurements and steps to the letter, but when it comes time to ball the dough... (more)

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Nicholas S.
posted 6 months ago