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Ed DiRamio replied to this post • 3 months ago

What's happening with my Cold Ferment process?

I've been making pizza for a while, but just recently I was turned on to a great recipe that calls for cold fermenting which is my first experience with it (I never knew what I was missing all t... (more)

tim guthrie
posted 4 months ago


Olive Oil Question

What is a good brand of finishing EVOO you all use, I have one I use often but want to try some others!

Bruce T.
posted 3 months ago


First pizza bake

Got my book on Friday. Bought ingredients on Saturday. Made the dough on Sunday. Dough balls, sauce, garlic oil on Monday. Baked my first pizzas on tuesday. Success! Very happy with finished product... (more)

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David Baumgartner
posted 3 months ago


Looking to open a little shop in the future

This was my first attempt at a detroit style and it turned out great. I use a mix of 00 Americana flour and 00 antimo caputo, about 60/40 mix. More caputo 00 than Americana. I used and cheddar/ motz ... (more)

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Eric Gorski
posted 3 months ago


BIGA or TIGA % based on flour weight

How do I adjust the amount of preferment based on flour weight?

Joe Bellona
posted 3 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 4 months ago

Increase salt in master Sicilian/Neapolitan recipes?

I am a bit of a salt geek , although I have high blood pressure and try to restrict the intake. However, my family says that they feel both doughs could use more salt. Is there a reason to not add ... (more)

Ken K.
posted 4 months ago

Ken K. replied to this post • 4 months ago


Hi this is probably a stupid question. If I want to make double the amount of dough for say the master dough or Neapolitan do I just double the ingredient up. Only reason I ask is just did not know i... (more)

Andy B.
posted 4 months ago


Allied Metal pans versus Lloyd pans

I have been using the Allied Metal BB series pans for the past few years for Sicilian style pizza and like the quite well. i was thinking of adding a couple more until I saw that the price of the 12... (more)

Ken K.
posted 4 months ago

Raj Irukulla commented in this post • 5 months ago

First Attempt at a Sicilian Pizza

poolish was made 2 days prior, 45 hour proof from mix to bake, had trouble with sticking after par bake(new pan). Nothing a little spatula work couldn't fix.

Turned on Broiler during final 30 sec... (more)

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posted over 3 years ago

René Munthe E. replied to this post • 5 months ago

Diastatic malt

Is this malt, the same malt that homebrewers use to make beer with? or is it different? one for baking with and one for making beer?

Mark S.
posted over 4 years ago