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Has anyone tried this flour

I'm wondering if anyone here has tried the Antimo Caputo "Americana" flour that is supposedly milled for ovens running at 500-600 degrees.

If so, did you like the results? Does it have a nice fl... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted about 1 month ago

Raymond R. replied to this post • about 1 month ago

Grande Mozzarella

I live in Petaluma, CA and have been making theses pizzas for several years now. Recently I went to Whole Foods to buy some Grande Cheese and was told that they no longer carry that brand. Does any... (more)

Small img 1112  
Raymond R.
posted 2 months ago

Maria . commented in this post • about 1 month ago

Motor City Madhouse

Finally made the Detroit. I wanted to do it before the weather warms up. I bit the bullet and ordered the brick cheese from Widmar. It’s expensive and the taste is not worth the price, but this pi... (more)

Small detroit  crust   Small detroit 2.0  
Maria .
posted 5 months ago

James A. replied to this post • about 1 month ago

How much do you really love PIZZA?

For all you pizza aficionados out there. Let me give you a good way to test your taste buds's, and see how much you love pizza.
For the last two weeks of this month, since I was low on fund's and "f... (more)

James A.
posted about 2 months ago



Hi everyone! What is the most convenient gas fired pizza oven to be used in a pizza truck?

Eranah Joganna
posted about 2 months ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • about 2 months ago

how long should it take?

I have a dough ball that is cold fermenting in my fridge. It's been in there for 24 hours, and will be in for another 24 hours before I use it.

I just took it out of the fridge after it's been in ... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 2 months ago


arancini, barbecue chicken

Something old, something new. Lots of good memories bound up in the riceballs, but the barbecue chicken is new for me. I'm really more of a traditionalist when it comes to pizza, but I ventured. S... (more)

Small barbacue chicken 1st   Small bbq ckn  
Maria .
posted about 2 months ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 2 months ago

How to avoid water condensing inside the dough container?

Every time i make pizza dough and proof it using cold-ferment
i find water drops forming on the cover of the container. After while it gets bigger and fall on the dough which makes the flour or corn... (more)

Ahmed Rashed
posted 2 months ago

Christopher S. replied to this post • 2 months ago

Pan Make and Material for Pequod's/Burt's Place Style

Hey all,

I am looking for the pan make and material similar to Burt's Place, Pequod's, and Colony Grill in Stamford.

I want to bake a round pie with cheese pressed up against the edge that will... (more)

Lou T.
posted 2 months ago

JUSTIN W. replied to this post • 2 months ago

Outdoor pizza ovens

I am currently interested in buying a wood fire stainless steel outdoor pizza oven any pro or cons? Open for any suggestions. Also is it better to go with stone or steel?

Darryl W.
posted 2 months ago