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Cindy C. commented in this post • about 1 month ago

Pizza Dough Recipe needed

I'm hoping someone can help me here with a pizza dough recipe for a commercial gas oven that reaches 300 degrees (C) or 572 (F) and a recipe for same day dough rise.

I've made Neapolitan dough for... (more)

Cindy C.
posted about 1 month ago

Christopher Skrocke replied to this post • about 1 month ago

Finding brick cheese in the Bay Area?

Does anyone know of a location for buying brick cheese in the Bay Area? I’m from Wisconsin originally ... I might have to ask family to ship me some.

Also, what type of brick cheese (mild, sharp,... (more)

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Paul S.
posted about 2 years ago


Diastetic Malt Litner question

Hi all, does anyone know anything about having malt ground to a flour and it's litner?

I can't find Malt easily in Australia, but a local beer brewing store has all sorts of malt from barley, whe... (more)

John Soden
posted about 1 month ago

John Soden commented in this post • about 1 month ago

Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt

Just curious if you can use Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt together when making dough?

Thank you!

Matt D.
posted 3 months ago


Pizza Peel Sizes

Hi All.

Prior to owning the book I usually made smaller pizzas in my woodfired oven, but the book often suggests 13" pizzas. My peel is too small so I would like to get a new one. I would like to ... (more)

Angus Y.
posted about 2 months ago


How to make 7/11 ( ground tomatoes ) with Alta Cucina ( plum tomatoes) ?

Hi, I am Gino. And I am preparing to open my NY style pizza shop.

So I bought The pizza bible. It is helping me so much. But I only can

buy Alta Cucina( whole plum tomatoes) in my country. So ... (more)

Gino P.
posted about 2 months ago

Tracy R. replied to this post • about 2 months ago

How to Measure Yeast for Poolish Starter

My palm scale has not arrived yet and my current scale only registers to o grams. What is the best way for me to measure 0.36 grams of fresh yeast for the Poolish Starter?

Joe Carbone
posted 6 months ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • about 2 months ago

Testing Pizzas

Hi all,

I'd like to share my testing results with you in this post.

I will begin with the biggest batch I've ever made during my Pizza Party last night :-) --> I specifically set this event up... (more)

Small img 7871   Small img 7876  
Ulli Haus
posted 12 months ago


Thank you from France !

I recieved the Pizza Bible book as a Christmas present.
I was looking without success for years to retrieve the marvelous taste of the pizza I ate once in Italy in the village of my ancestors.
I d... (more)

Woody U.
posted 2 months ago

Rob Nicholas commented in this post • 2 months ago

Dry tiga, dry dough?

First I want to let you know I bake a ton of bread from starters, and I make tons of pizza ( I only bake my own bread, and use the Italian baker book quite a bit). I have 6 kids, so I always double o... (more)

Anne G.
posted almost 3 years ago