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William Oberacker commented in this post • 4 months ago

DSP Shrinks While Parbaking

I made a lovely Detroit-style this evening, however, every time I make a pie that requires parbaking it shrinks away from the sides during the parbake.

The dough definitely was all the way into t... (more)

William Oberacker
posted 4 months ago

TAREK SAMMAKIA replied to this post • 4 months ago

Store flour

I'm trying to buy some flour but can't seem to get it to take the order, anyone else having problems?

Loren Standen
posted about 1 year ago


Take a bite of Delight

Avanti Pizza in Haderslev can offer you their tasteful spaghetti dishes, Mexican dishes, barbecue dishes and more special dishes. If you want nachos, we can offe... (more)

Small avanti pizza  
Thumb alex
Alexander Ostergaard
posted 5 months ago


Flat Neapolitan home pizza

Horrible pizza dough!
I saw a recipe for home Neapolitan pizza on YouTube by professional Neapolitan pizza makes. What on earth could've gone wrong.

* I heated the pizza stone at maximum heat for... (more)

Small 20180902 191433  
Cindy C.
posted 5 months ago


has anyone tried this?

I recently saw a recipe that suggested using evaporated milk in the dough.
However, I'm wondering if anyone has ever used 'condensed milk' instead of evaporated milk. Yeah, I realize condensed mil... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 5 months ago

Robert U. replied to this post • 5 months ago

Napoletan Dough question from the bible

Hi there,

I am just messing around with the bakers percentages of the napoletan dough recipe from tony

could somebody help me with this please ? i dont get it ... perhaps its a mistake in the b... (more)

Robert U.
posted 5 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 5 months ago

My neapolitan pizza

My take on a neapolitan style pizza with the white typo 00 caputo flour and a poolish.

Basically my recipe was like Tony suggested but for 1kg of flour I used only 2g of fresh yeast in the final m... (more)

Small 20180818 174502  
Johannes L.
posted 5 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 5 months ago

dough-ball skin up or dough-ball skin down?

Hi pizza loving community!
im cooking my home pizzas in a wood fired oven and wondering if it mattered which way the dough-ball should be on the cooking stone floor be once stretched out from when i... (more)

Thumb 20180721 203955
Daniel Borg
posted 5 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 5 months ago

Degassing and temperature before balling.

I've mixed a Napoletana style dough and bulk fermented for 24-30 hours. My question is should I be getting the dough to room temperature before taking it out of the container/degassing? It's 62% hydr... (more)

Small img 0314  
Lorenzo Furfaro
posted almost 2 years ago

Daniel Borg replied to this post • 5 months ago

Cold Fermentation Process Question

I use a cold ferment process off the back of Caputo "00" flour. I typically refrigerate for 48 hours, proof at room temp for a few hours and then make pizzas. This process always turns out great. My ... (more)

todd shannon
posted 5 months ago