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Vito Battista replied to this post • 2 months ago

Dough sticking in pan

Hello all
The last 2 pies I made (sicilian with starter) the dough has stuck to the bottom of the pizza pan during the parbaking. I've followed the recipe in the book (except for the 2nd pizza stone... (more)

Vito Battista
posted 2 months ago

Maria . replied to this post • 2 months ago

Air pockets between dough and baking stone

Hi everyone,
I am having a strange problem with air pockets forming between the pizza and the stone after launching. I get these huge bubbles. At first I thought it was a bubble in the dough and I... (more)

John Dole
posted 3 months ago


New, re-designed and revised dough calculator


Now you have it all in one place...thin crust, stuffed crust, deep dish, Sicilian, Detroit and more.

Easy to use. Scale up or down. Preci... (more)

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Mike K.
posted 2 months ago

Maria . replied to this post • 3 months ago

Dough too thin

Should the master dough be soft/wet and tough to handle? The results taste great but once I've spread the dough it's so soft I can't even think of picking it up to put on the peel.

Steve J.
posted 3 months ago


Chicago Pizza

Can someone elaborate on the type of lard used in the Chicago style pizza. What is the best brand? Should I use Lard flakes or rendered pig lard.

Daniel Butler
posted 3 months ago


Slice Joint Economics

This question is for anyone with shop experience if they are on here.

I'm very curious to know the economics of the by-the-slice model. At places like Slice House in relatively high foot traffic a... (more)

Lou T.
posted 3 months ago


Tangzhong Method for Pizza Dough

Has anyone tried the tangzhong method for making pizza dough? It seems this might work to get a higher hydration dough, just don't know if it work with the higher gluten flours. It works great for r... (more)

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David D.
posted 3 months ago


I got the pizza bible for Christmas 👍

I got the pizza bible for Christmas 😀 For my new hobby of pizza making. I recently was able to find a uuni 3 brand new for 200 for a lady that won it from the Ellen show😀 I am slowly building my sup... (more)

Jesse Martinez
posted 3 months ago

Deppen Webber commented in this post • 3 months ago

Purchasing Pizza Flour


I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a source online to purchase flour in smaller quantities then restaurant supply stores.

Looking for all trumps or similar


Luis A.
posted 3 months ago

Steve J. replied to this post • 3 months ago

Freezing pizza dough

Has anyone made dough ahead of time an froze it. If you have - what was your process? I'd like the convenience of having dough available when I want to make pizza.

Stephanie Prosser
posted 4 months ago