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TOM Dykstra commented in this post • 4 months ago

Best pizza ever

I just made the best pizza ever. Started with polish then went to bulk fermentation.
48 hours later delish
Take your time people
It's worth the wait
Thanks Tony

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TOM Dykstra
posted 4 months ago

Johannes L. replied to this post • 4 months ago

Neapolitan dough with poolish and 48 hours fermentation


I've made the best doughs in my life the last two times since I bought the book.

However what struggles me slightly is the amount of fresh yeast. I always use 1kg typo 00 Caputo flour. I'v... (more)

Johannes L.
posted 4 months ago

Carl-Fredrik V. commented in this post • 4 months ago

Poolish vs sourdough starter

I am a newbie, and have a simple Q concerning the differences between using a poolish or other similar like ichias-yeast starter and to use a sourdough as starter for my pizza?
Would you say it... (more)

Carl-Fredrik V.
posted 4 months ago

Jeff K. commented in this post • 5 months ago

Warm dough vs cold dough

You say to warm up the dough to 60-65 degrees before starting to shape. I am finding with a 48 to 72 hour fermentation when I let the dough warm to that temperature it over proofs. I do the finger t... (more)

Jeff K.
posted 5 months ago


howdy . Electric Oven to 360C

Two Questions :
1) I got a new pizza oven but is a Double Deck.
have :
Top Temp: 360c
middle temp: 360c:
Botton :360c

I've try to set up to bake in the top part of the oven but sometimes t... (more)

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Jeff Acost
posted 5 months ago


I finally found a large dough roller

After searching high and low, I finally found a large dough roller!

I have been looking for AGES to find one...and finally found one on amazon.

It is only $260 usd.

Most dough rollers I have... (more)

william B.
posted 5 months ago

Avi R. replied to this post • 5 months ago

Napoletana Dough without starter - tips

Hi all,

I am new to the community and just purchased "The Pizza Bible", which is very interesting. I have a simple question about the Napoletana Dough.

I have seen Tony's recipe on the book but... (more)

Claudio A.
posted 7 months ago

Avi R. replied to this post • 5 months ago

One of my first Margheritas ever made

Not so long time ago I added the post about my first electric pizza-oven ever. And here's one of my first Margheritas. What do you think, guys? Does it look good enough?
Used classical AVPN dough re... (more)

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Giorgio O.
posted over 1 year ago


First Attempt With a starter

I made this pizza with a poolish and bulk fermented for one day and balled for 24 hours. Incredible flavor. I got one left will try it tonight with 48 hour second ferment. Sausage, Peppadew, pepperon... (more)

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Tim Bartolomeo
posted 5 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 6 months ago

This is the Malt I can get locally. Is this the right stuff? (Malted Flour)

HI Pizza Lovers Community,

It is almost impossible to find Diastatic Malt powder in South-Africa in small quantities.. I have done an extensive search and found only one producer. They were willin... (more)

Small malt  
Tobie Nortje
posted 6 months ago