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Cooking pizza with steel

Hi does anyone know if tony uses the broiler when he uses his method of using 2 steels? It doesn’t mention it but the manufacturer of the baking steel uses the broiler. If tony doesn’t use the broile... (more)

Jesse F.
posted 11 months ago


No Cold Sauce Commandment

I read Tony's response to why we shouldn't use cold dough, but what about the cold sauce?

From what I read and learned in the Bible, I would think it would possibly 1) cool the dough causing the b... (more)

Mr Mike
posted 11 months ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 11 months ago

Making a pizza similar to Joe's in New York

My favorite pizza out there is Joe's pizza on Carmine street in Manhattan. I'd like to learn how to make something like this at home.

I've got some experience making pizzas, but could use a littl... (more)

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Mike S.
posted over 4 years ago

Mike K. replied to this post • 12 months ago


I've been a bread baker for more than 40 years, refining my technique in recent years. I've attended two one week courses at the San Francisco Baking Institute, and live in San Francisco. I ordinaril... (more)

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Glenn Ferrell
posted 12 months ago

Joe Carbone commented in this post • 12 months ago

Sourdough Starter Activation Help

I just received the Original San Francisco Culture from Ed Wood's Sourdough International.

The main purpose of the starter is to use in my pizza dough.

Should the flour I feed the culture match... (more)

Joe Carbone
posted about 1 year ago

Ken K. replied to this post • 12 months ago

Extending the Sicilian fermentation to 72 hours

I have not been around for a while because of a 10 pound weight gain that I attributed to my pizza addiction...! However, I came out of "retirement" last weekend with some Sicilian pizzas, which wer... (more)

Ken K.
posted 12 months ago

Mike K. replied to this post • about 1 year ago

Pizza Dough Temperature before opening?

I have been making the NY style pizza dough using the master dough with a starter and then I cold ferment it for 48 hours. I remove it from the fridge 2 hours before I plan to put it in the oven, but... (more)

Marylou L.
posted about 1 year ago

Jon S. replied to this post • about 1 year ago


4 pizzas down with new unni 3. All tasted metal. Using tragedr pellets. But have been told that it may be the stone. HELP.

Jim .
posted about 1 year ago


Store check out disabled?

Trying to check out on the pizza bible store, get a message that the check out has been disabled?

Mark G.
posted about 1 year ago


Flour type

What flour is best for Roman style pizza. Thanks

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Fab Panetta
posted about 1 year ago