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Leila P. replied to this post • about 1 year ago

Tangzhong Method for Pizza Dough

Has anyone tried the tangzhong method for making pizza dough? It seems this might work to get a higher hydration dough, just don't know if it work with the higher gluten flours. It works great for r... (more)

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David D.
posted almost 2 years ago


Master Dough With Starter Ingredient Ratio For 20kg

Hey guys,
Does anyone have the ratios for master dough with poolish starter at 20kg flour?
Thank you

Rasha M.
posted about 1 year ago


Dough - Pizza bible steps

I was following the steps in the book starting from page 22 with the ingredients, page 24, day 1: make the dough, kneading, Bulk fermentation...
So after the kneading, we will leave the doug... (more)

Paolo Nicoli
posted about 1 year ago


Pizza dough

Hello, pizza teacher!
I'm from China, and I'm honored to buy the pizza bible in China. For me, this pizza bible is not only a food book, but also a food book
He's so great for a startup book!
Ther... (more)

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ning xu
posted about 1 year ago


Alternative Dough

I live in india and have recently bought the book. While buying master class shopping list i found out the mentioned brands of flour are not available in India. Only Caputo varieties of flour ... (more)

Prateek mantri
posted about 1 year ago


Do business people care about their "pizzeria products,"

Today I had the unfortunate experience of being the "bad customer," in the eyes of the business I ordered from today.
Yeah, I know. This might not be the appropriate venue to discuss this, but it is... (more)

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James Arlotta
posted about 1 year ago



In the process of making a batch of Tony G Napolitana pizza dough.Cold batch fermenting.Would it be OK to degass after only 12 hours due to it rising fairly quickly.thank you.

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Fab Panetta
posted about 1 year ago

James Arlotta replied to this post • about 1 year ago

A style not usually recognized...BUFFALO NY PIZZA

Not too long ago here in Buffalo NY a chef writer, (I didn't catch his name, but he was at La Nova's Pizzeria right inside Buffalo NY,) claims to have coined the term..."Buffalo Pizza."
Not too long... (more)

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Thumb groundhog dave
James Arlotta
posted about 1 year ago

James Arlotta replied to this post • about 1 year ago

Indian pizzeria market

Hi all,
How about getting oo flour in India at reasonable market rate or which Indian brand resembles to oo flour for pizza making, although presently I am using brand from which my pizza ... (more)

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rahul k
posted over 2 years ago

James Arlotta replied to this post • about 1 year ago

par baking the giant meatballs?

I've been making the giant meatballs from the book for a while now and I'm curious about partial baking them ahead of time in order to reduce the time when doing actual prep for service. I assume the... (more)

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Aaron F.
posted over 1 year ago