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Ben A replied to this post • 6 months ago

Kamado Cookers

I discovered TPB site a few weeks ago and have been reading with great interest. Just ordered the TPB online so I’ll receive it in a few days.

I own a Kamado style grill/cooker and have ... (more)

Ben A
posted 7 months ago

Raj Irukulla replied to this post • 6 months ago


Just ordered TPB online and will receive tomorrow. Also have an Uuni 3 arriving as well. I've made lots of pizza over the past couple/few years but time to take it to the next level. (1) heat! ... (more)

Eric M.
posted 6 months ago

Andrew M. replied to this post • 6 months ago

Pinsa style pizza, Roman style

2 weeks ago I had a group of Russians in my professional pizza course and they wanted to work on Pinsa style pizza. This is a pizza that is high hydrated, oval, multi grain which can be a blend of s... (more)

Small img 0410   Small img 0413  
Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 2 years ago

Andrew M. replied to this post • 6 months ago

Pizza al Taglio!

Hi all,

In talking to one of Nonna's(mother's mother) we were talking about old recipes and pizza came up and I asked her about the pizza she normally used to make me, which was similar to my fath... (more)

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Salvatore C.
posted over 1 year ago


Short Pizza Course around Milano

Guys, does anyone know about a good professional place to take a short pizza course (3-5 hours) in September around Milan, Italy?
Thanks in advance.

Avi R.
posted 7 months ago


Dough weight for X Size

Hi guys,
I would appreciate your recommendation of how to measure the weight of needed dough to X size of roman style pizza. For example, I would like to prepare 11" (28cm) pizza - how much dough w... (more)

Avi R.
posted 7 months ago

Mike L. replied to this post • 7 months ago


This may be a real stupid question. When I see recipes on here and in the pizza app. I see 1,5% for example. Can you tell me what that means. If I saw it with a period like 1.5% that makes sense ... (more)

Mike L.
posted 7 months ago

Jeff N. replied to this post • 7 months ago

stand mixer alternative

If you don't have a stand mixer, could you use a Dough Blender for making the dough?

How you would degas dough without a stand mixer??

Gil W.
posted over 3 years ago

Giorgio O. commented in this post • 7 months ago

Troubles with Tony’s Napoletana dough!

Hi, guys!
Here’s the problem: yesterday I’ve made Tony’s Napoletana dough like it is in the book (with 1,5% fresh yeasts) and today, after 22 hours of refrigerating I’ve got overfermented dough... I... (more)

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Giorgio O.
posted 11 months ago

Robert U. commented in this post • 7 months ago

Cornicione .. Good ?

Hi guys!
What u think ?

Tony if i would get a Comment from u it would really mean a lot !

1. Pic with tiga
2. pic with poolish

Both 20%

Baked with my UUNI 3 oven at 450C in 90 seconds

Small image   Small image  
Robert U.
posted 7 months ago