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Detroit Style Pizza and Blackstone pizza oven

Is anybody here cooking DSP on their Blackstone? would love to hear how you are doing it....thanks

Mark S.
posted 4 months ago

Chris Caratan replied to this post • 4 months ago

Cooking Cracker-Thin Dough in wood oven


We having been breaking in our backyard WFO. So far we have only tried the Napoletana Dough recipe in the bible. We are interested in trying some Cracker-Thin Dough (page 97). I noticed ... (more)

Chris Caratan
posted 4 months ago


how much?

Due to an unexpected invitation, I'm being asked to make a pizza tonight and I do not have time to do a decent 'cold' ferment, if I use about 9-9.5 ounces of flour, how much yeast should I use to ge... (more)

Tory Glenn
posted 4 months ago


What is it about bread that's so special?

I’ve come across videos of people’s grandmas making dough on Youtube. What has really moved me, was watching a grandma pray over the dough once it was completed & before she put it to rest. Then I ... (more)

Maria .
posted 4 months ago



Fried calzone. This is how my family always made them. Some places still fry them.

Small fried calzone  
Maria .
posted 4 months ago


one potato, two potato, . . .

Oh, yeah mama! I can understand the kudos for the potato pie! I found purple potatoes in my routine supermarket. Were they there all the time? Found them on a shelf in the produce section in a li... (more)

Small purple potato   Small round white potato  
Maria .
posted 4 months ago

Fred Hinch replied to this post • 4 months ago

What kind of cheese should I use for a Detroit-style pizza?

This weekend I'll be making Detroit-style pizza for the first time. I've looked at a handful of recipes online and it seems like Wisconsin brick cheese should be used for this style of pizza.

I'... (more)

Peter Lewis
posted almost 3 years ago

Ulli Haus replied to this post • 4 months ago

Rationale behind degasing the dough

Hi all,
Tony asks for degassing the dough after 24 hours as a step before balled fermentation.

He also writes that this forces the yeast into another formation of gas.

When degassing: do we w... (more)

Ulli Haus
posted 4 months ago

mike B. replied to this post • 4 months ago

poolish / tiga and possibly an easier way.. and more questions

Hey everyone, first post here. I own a small pizza shop in southwest PA and have been at this for about 8 years. I am constantly trying to improve my Pizza and although I get numerous compliments on ... (more)

mike B.
posted 5 months ago

Salvatore C. commented in this post • 4 months ago


Here she is one of my many trials of this pie!

Small img 2385   Small img 2386  
Salvatore C.
posted 4 months ago