About The Pizza Bible

Welcome to ThePizzaBible.com, the online community for people who are passionate about making great pizza.

This forum is the companion site to my new book, The Pizza Bible, where I give recipes and techniques for all of the major pizza types and styles.

As someone who has spent most of my life perfecting my craft as a pizzaiolo, I know that pizza is a subject that’s infinite. That’s why I love it so much—there’s always more to learn and discover. No book could begin to contain all the details and subtleties that go into making really outstanding pizza. So that’s where this site comes in. It’s a place for home cooks and professionals to ask questions, share techniques, photos, opinions, successes and failures and ultimately help each other make great pizza.

Our contributors include everyone from first-time pizza makers and homemade pizza buffs to some of the industry’s top pizza pros. And now, there’s someone else I hope it will include: you! Sign up, join the conversation, and let us know what’s on your mind and in your oven. Together, we can build a community of shared knowledge that will bring the world of pizza to a whole new level of awesome.

Respect the craft!

-Tony Gemignani