James A.

Worked in many different Food Service settings from Institutional, "Mom + Pop" Restaurants', Country Clubs, and Buffalo State College's Campus House. Was a truck driver and a professional mover for sometime as well. I'm a "purist" in a sense as I believe in the fundamentals of the Classical Kitchen Brigade and its instructions. I believe that without it a Culinarian can't understand why and how the processes, methods, and functioning of the back of the house and the front of the house is why the way it is. The experiences of working through these stations and posts gives you the practical knowledge that you need in order to have a well rounded Culinary Education. How, for instance, can a Pizziola respect the Craft if they don't know and pay attention to the inner workings of a dinning establishment? From prep work, washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, learning and cleaning the kitchen, as well as the equipment. Also, waiting on and setting tables. From "keeping bar," as well. With all these essential skills', I also study and apply Kitchen Psychoanalyses and Psychology; in regard to guest-"customer," employee and management behavior's and relations'.

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