100% hydration dough - Detroit style

I've started a new experiment- I'm fascinated by high hydration doughs and am working a 100% hydration dough formulation. The pictures below are my first iteration.

While it wasn't even anywhere close to perfect, I'd say it was promising! For the next round, I'll be incorporating folds to add more structure to the dough.

Medium img 20180514 202526

Medium img 20180514 202541

Medium img 20180514 202544

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 8 months ago

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100% hydration? Wow it is for sure hard to Handle! What advantages do you expect to do so and how do you Proof it?
Sounds like a cool idea for The home oven for me to try out !

Robert U.
posted 8 months ago

What a beautiful pizza! I see the red pepper flakes with the brininess of the olives...unless of course they're Castelvetranos?

Thumb groundhog dave
James Arlotta
posted 4 months ago

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