16” dough ball weight

What is a good weight for a 16” Neapolitan style pizza. I know that is big for that style but why not. Thanks in advance.

Mike L.
posted 25 days ago

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I don't do Neapolitan but my dough ball weight for a 16" ranges from 500-525 grams depending on how puffy I'd like the rim.

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Mike K.
posted 24 days ago

16" is my go to pie. I have done, 460 gram and 514 gram.

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will The Roadside Pie KIng
posted 11 days ago

500g of dough ??? Really?

My dough Balls are 250-260g for Neapolitan Pizza- as it should be..

Robert U.
posted 7 days ago

What is the diameter of your 250 Gram skin? I guess 10"? My N.Y. style pies are 16" diameter and the thickness is perfect.

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will The Roadside Pie KIng
posted 7 days ago

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