2nd attempt to the Sicilian

My very 2nd approach to the Sicilian. Aside from a few things I did not have but used the best I could find at the time. (Cheese , pan, flour, etc)

Again because I have such an excess of the Caputos Chef Flour I figured why not give it a try. The tomatoes I went with Cento being using for years. Cheese eh best I could find was Serrento blah was not a fan at all, I prefer to use my own fresh made but next time I will order some grande.

Overall I think it was ok my family enjoyed it but I think they were being bias lol. It browned nicely and the crumb was on the chewy-ish side,my guess due to the flour choice. In total it was a cool ferment of roughly 50 hours and before the pre-bake I allowed it to rest for about 3 hours.

Here are the pics.

Medium img 2076

Medium img 2077

Medium img 2078

Medium img 2080

Medium img 2081

Medium img 2082

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

Save 0

mmm looks good. Did you buy the mozz sliced from the deli? Why the sauce over the cheese?

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Maria .
posted over 2 years ago

Yes I bought it slice from the deli- sauce over the cheese as per Brooklyn-style😊

- Salvatore   over 2 years ago

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