A few questions about your new OO Flour

Hello Tony,

I received your new flour today. I wonder why gluten is listed behind malt in the ingredient list. Can you tell me what protein your flour is? I also want to ask you if the malt is the low-moisture diastatic malt in the your 00 flour, and if it is, what is the percent of low-diastatic malt . Is there any way the gluten is vital wheat gluten? I am looking forward to trying your new 00 flour.

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I tried to attach a photo of your new flour but the website keeps saying it is unavailable after try to upload a photo.

Norma K.
posted about 5 years ago

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Thanks for reaching out Norma and thanks for buying the flour. It's about 13.5% protein and it even feels stonger and performs like a higher protein because of the Ascorbic acid. I have a 1/2 % malt added and yes it's vital wheat gluten. For me with the 2 types of wheat that I chose for my flour I still wanted more strength and extensibility. Two very important things that I mention in the book and part on the label is hydration and at least a 36 hr rise before use if possible. Happy pizzamaking to you.


Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago


To follow up on Norma's questions, can you tell me if the 13.5% protein figure includes the protein contributed by the vital wheat gluten (and maybe some from the low diastatic malt if it contains flour), or does it apply only to the base flour to which the vital wheat gluten and low diastatic malt are added? Also, the 6 grams of protein for a 38-gram serving size would suggest a nominal protein content of about 15.8% (or in a range of about 15.26-16.32% when rounding factors are taken into account pursuant to FDA regulations). Can you explain the discrepancy?


Peter S.
posted about 5 years ago

Thanks Tony.

- Norma   about 5 years ago

Hey Peter thanks for the question. I forwarded your question to the Giustos this morning so they could answer it or send it to one of the techinitions in the Central Milling lab. With the holiday and all it may take a few days to hear back. Hopefully we will soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago

This is an answer to the question below.
It's more directed to Peters question not Norma's ..

Hey Tony,

We use a program called Nutracoster to produce nutritional panels. Nutracoster has limited input options for flour: the only options are 13% and 15% protein flour. Your flour is around 14.2-14.5% including the gluten and malted barley flour. We chose 15% in Nutracoster because it’s the nearest option. This number yields 6g protein and 27g carbohydrate per 38g serving. If we chose the lower option, 13%, we would get 5g protein and 26g carbohydrates—a small difference.

I’m not sure where Norma is getting her protein numbers quoted below. They do not jive with ours.

I would be more than happy to communicate our position with her if she still doesn’t understand.

Nicky Giusto

Central Milling Organic | Wheatland | Gilt Edge | Sprouted Grain | Keith Giusto Bakery Supply

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago

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