Active dry yeast vs. instant yeast

Just curious if someone can educate me in the difference in instant yeast and active dry yeast. Which is better to use? Some recipes call for one some call for the other. Thanks!

Ryan W.
posted almost 4 years ago

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Hi Ryan, I've been using active dry yeast (ADY) for my latest pizzas making sure to activate the yeast in warm water (105 F) with about a teaspoon of sugar. I activate for only about 5 minutes and make a dough using Antimo Caputo "00" pizza flour following the recipe in Dominick DeAngelis's book "The Art of Pizza making". Dominick prefers the instant yeast but notes that others claim the ADY produces a better flavor. Like all pizza making endeavors, taste is in the tongue of the beholder and experimentation is always a good thing and part of the fun! I bake my pizzas in a Pizzeria Pronto.

Thomas Runyon
posted almost 4 years ago

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