active yeast not activating

I have tried on several occasions to activate ADY. Each time I tested the temp of the water to make sure it was not too hot.

I put some ADY into warm water and add some sugar. Then I wait maybe 10 minutes.

Now matter which brand of ADY I'm using, I can never get the yeast to activate. It just floats on the surface and does NOT foam or do anything.

These are all fresh packages. The one I tried today had an expiration date of 4/2020. Other packages I've tried have also been reasonably new (far from expired).

Since I have tried Red Star and Fleischman's brands, I can only conclude that it is ME who is doing something wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong, or maybe do it differently?


Tory Glenn
posted 16 days ago

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