Allied Metal BB series Sicilian pizza pan

My first Sicilian pizza was made last week. I used a heavy aluminum sheet pan, as I had no heavy steel pan for the job. The crust stuck like crazy but the pie was delicious (Central Milling High Mountain Hi Gluten). As we were expecting my daughter and her fiancé for the weekend, I was scrambling for info about a pan. Raj was quite convincing about the Allied Metal BB1212 (the "BB" series has a non-stick treatment---Black Buster--- as opposed to the "B" series, which has none), so I purchased a 12" model (BB1212), which arrived Friday. I seasoned it (two 20 minute bakes at 450 degrees, although the oil did not seem to adhere to the black anodized coating. As there were a few shallow scratches in the coating, perhaps that sealed those---we are not talking gouges, only very superficial scratches). I had made a dough with Tony's Artisan flour. Even though I had made the mistake of par-baking the crust at 500+ degrees instead of 450 degrees, it was far from a disaster. First, the golden crust had pulled away from the sides of the pan about 1/2", and as I pulled the pan from the oven, the crust actually slid in the pan. Clearly, there was NO problem with sticking. The bottom was beautifully uniform; it was nicely crisped and the crumb of the crust was wonderful. My wife and I were delighted. Thanks for the reco, Raj. (The photo of the slice accentuates a slight convexity of the crust--the topping was not that thick)

Medium img1 rise

Medium img2 baked

Medium img3 baked whole

Medium img4 sliced

Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

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