Americo tomatoes?

Hey I work for a small pizzeria in veedersburg Indiana and we were wanting to make the newyork-New Jersey sauce in the pizza bible but we can't get the valoroso tomatoes and out rep at delco (distributer) recommended americo said its the same thing but he prefers it I can't find any info on them other than its owned by the stanislaus family (cortopassi) anyone know about this brand? (I also have alta cucina but the tomatoes are in a light sauce)

Eric Hall
posted about 4 years ago

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Americo's is a Stanislaus tomato. Doesn't show up in all regions. I like the Valoroso's because of the meatiness. Alta's are much more delicate. All Stanislaus products are amazing, you really can't go wrong.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 4 years ago

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