Best Detroit yet

This was my second attempt at a Detroit style. I followed the recipe in the PB with the following modifications:

1. Used oil but no butter to grease my Lloyds pan. I eliminated the butter due to the nonstick properties of the pan. Had no problem getting pizza out of the pan. When I removed the pizza from the pan there was still a small pool of oil left.
2. Baked on top steel for 6 minutes, topped it, the returned it to top steel for another 4 minutes. Then baked on bottom stone for 6 minutes. I took 3 minutes off the top stone bake time to allow for time the pizza was baking in pan while topping. I also reduced the bottom stone bake time by 2 minutes. The first time I made Detroit style the cheddar cheese around the edge was a bit too dark. This time it was almost perfect. The bottom of the crust was also crisp without being overdone.

This just goes to show that the bake times are guidelines and you really need to adjust based on your oven properties. Will be making this again! It is quickly becoming one of our favorite styles!

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Robert R
posted about 3 years ago

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Great job Robert! These look amazing. You make an important point: each oven is different, so the times mentioned in The Pizza Bible and other books and recipes really are a guideline. Usually, they're close, but it takes some calibration. With a few times, you can get a really great result.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 3 years ago

Hi Robert - it must have been a Detroit Style-redux kind of Sunday! I too made my second attempt as my two new pans came a week or so ago due to a back order on them.

I also had success though I'm not as good of a photographer. I decreased the weight of the dough I used - for the small pan I used 10 oz and the large pan, 18 oz per Mark's suggestions to my post about a month ago.

I reduced the amount of butter and olive oil to grease the pan and think I'll forget the butter altogether next time as the pies slid right out and there was still a pool in the pan.

I decreased the oven temp to 480 convection and reduced the baking time by eyeballing it throughout which came out to about 6 min on the top steel, topped the pizza, another 5 minutes on top and about 4 minutes on the bottom stone.

I was very pleased with the overall results (crust was amazing) - though I'm still trying to figure out the sauce on top. Just not happy with either the Detroit-style sauce in the Pizza Bible and used the New York/New Jersey sauce this time as we really liked it on that style of pizza. Still not where I want the sauce to be and the kids are accustomed to sauce under the cheese so they were just moderately interested. I used Brick and White Cheddar by the book and both my BF and I thought it was just on the edge of being too salty. Any suggestions on cheese alternatives would be appreciated.

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Terri G.
posted about 3 years ago

Your pie looks amazing. I used mostly Grande whole milk mozzarella and a sprinkling of Cabot white cheddar on top. I have tried many mozzarella and Grande is the best. I just wish it was more readily available. The sharpness of the cheddar helped cut through the mozzarella and provided a good bite.

- Robert   about 3 years ago

Hey Terri G.
I just made a DSP couple days ago...and I tried a different white cheddar(for the sides), New Zealand white cheddar, it was not near as salty as some of the other white cheddars I tried in the past.....I do not know what brand it was, but I will find out....I bought it at a Kroger store, in their cheese shop.

Mark S.
posted about 3 years ago

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