Best flour for Detroit Style Pizza

What would you recommend as the best flour to use for Detroit Style pizza? I've got some 00 Caputo but I assume that AP flour isn't ideal. Thanks!

Richard S.
posted about 5 years ago

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The type of flour typically used for Detroit Style pizza varies from operation to operation. If you can get your hands on a high-gluten flour at home I would recommend that first.

Best of luck!
Zane Hunt @ Via 313 Pizza

Uriah Zane Hunt
posted about 5 years ago

I had good results using King Authur Sir Lancelot flour. Good luck!

- Mark   about 5 years ago

I like to use a high gluten or high protein flour. I.E. = All Trumps made by General Mills or Pendelton Power made by Pendelton. Dough Hydration levels in the low 70s are critical!

Jeff Smoke
posted about 5 years ago

Hello Richard,

I have used several different flours in creating Detroit Style Pizza dough recipes including using AP flour especially for home recipes. Some even add a small percentage of bigger coarse flour to strengthen and improve the overall quality of their dough like Semolina, which is usually used in making pasta. Depending on what is in your recipe and the hydration level you may want to play around with a few different flours until you find what fits your preference and cooking environment.

I have found recipes with a 69%-72% hydration level with salt, sugar, yeast, flour and water works best with the following flour specs.

Protein: 12.5-13%
Ash: 0.55
Moisture: 14-14.5
Made with hard spring wheat, malted and not bleached.

I suggest try using the 00 Caputo since you have it and see how it turns out. Let me know your results. Good luck!

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Shawn Randazzo
posted about 5 years ago

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