Best type of brush for cleaning a pizza stone

I just bought a Weber grill brush to clean my stone. It's one of the ten commandments mentioned in The Pizza Bible. The brush seems rather abrasive and seems to be creating a fine dust that I think is from the stone itself.

Is a brass brush the one to use? The brush I'm using is similar to the one mentioned in the sources part of the book.

Meg Y.
posted almost 5 years ago

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The one you mentioned works fine just don't apply too much pressure or you will scrape stone off. A light brushing should be applied and if you have serious toppings that fell off and burnt into the stone then A light scraping works well with a flat bencher (metal dough scraper) or typically the other side of the weber brush that has a straight edge. You just have to scrape straight when doing this. The brass brush style like the Weber that you mentioned works better after it's broken in. They break in better on the BBQ

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago


I just got a Kiwi shoe shine brush (100% horse hair). I was getting shoe strings at Walmart and it was right there next to them. It was less than $5. Works perfectly for getting flower off a hot stone. It doesn't burn or melt. It won't get cheese or other large stuck on stuff off because it's soft. But again it's perfect for wiping off flower before your next pie goes on and it won't scratch your stone.


Big T
posted about 3 years ago

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