Bottom of the crust burnt

Hi, I tried a Detroit Style pizza last night for the first time, and I know I need to work a little more to perfect it, but The bottom of the crust got really burnt, like black. Not yummy. I had the pan, that’s not the steel one but the non-stick one, used to pizza steels, Tony’s flour and recipie. I’m wondering if I just cooked it too long, or it got too hot (not sure how pizza can get “too hot”) or maybe the pan. Maybe it was just over cooked. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Eric P.
posted 30 days ago

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Perhaps too close to the bottom of the oven? Try moving the pizza more to the middle of the oven.

Daniel B.
posted 25 days ago

All things being equal (temp, recipe, etc.), the non-stick Detroit pans produce a darker crust. Since it's non-stick, you can use a minimal amount of oil/butter to grease the pan. This will help prevent a dark/burnt crust.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 24 days ago

Hey all thanks!

I was thinking there was something with the pans and the burner. First red top and I moved it halfway cooking to the bottom pizza steel, so you know that was hot. Figured that was a factor. then with that small pan and all the butter I figured that might just get black.

I'm going to try a real steel pan, just as much butter ('cause who doesn't like butter) but keep it on the top shelf for now. Then I'll eliminate and change things one at a time until I get it right. Thanks!

Eric P.
posted 23 days ago

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