Breville Pizza Maker = Perfect Pizza

Finally. A perfect pizza. Excellent flavor profile with crispy crust. I consider myself an experienced home bread baker and have dabbled with pizzas, only to be disappointed. I own (too) many bread/pizza cookbooks, but after borrowing The Pizza Bible from the library, I had to buy my own copy. Slow cool risings with minimum yeast. Recipes by weight, grams. Yes, that's the way I bake all my bread.

Last week I baked the Napoletano pizza. Oven cranked up and preheated to its highest. Two pizza stones. The pizzas were good.

Then I decided to buy the Breville Pizza Maker. Forget about the fact that I have NO room in my kitchen for another appliance. I had to try the Napoletano again with a HOT oven.

I preheated the Breville to 660 degrees. Hand rolled the dough to about 10". A modest amount of Tony's homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella, a drizzle of garlic olive oil. Baked for about 9 minutes. The bottom of the crust was speckled brown, the cornicione, perfection. And then my first bite. WHOOT! I may never travel to Italy for the real deal, but at least in my upstate New York kitchen, pizza is as good as it gets.

Diane S.
posted over 4 years ago

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