Burnt Bottom Crust on my Chicago Deeper

So... I have to say... this last pie was a perfect pizza... except for the bottom... I setup my oven with a stone on the top rack and a steel on the bottom rack... pre-heated at 500 for well over an hour... and baked the pie as the book instructs... but, for some reason the bottom came out quite blackish... it wasn't inedible... but, it was close... luckily we like our crust a little "burnt".

I actually made one 13" and a small 5" (my little girl only likes cheese) and both came out the same way.

I put a fairly thick coat of butter on the bottom of the pan, but from what I am reading about butters and oils... could it be that the butter burned because its smoke point is high enough to withstand the 500 degree heat of the oven?

Both of the pans are fairly thick-bottomed.

The OCD in me wants the crust to be perfect... so, I don't know what to do.

Could it be the pan? Could it be the butter? Was my oven in fact too hot? All three?

William Oberacker
posted 12 months ago

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I do the same thing William, except when I put butter on the bottom of the pan I also use vegetable shortening so the burn-point for the oils is higher.

Thumb groundhog dave
James Arlotta
posted 11 months ago

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