Can pizza dough be frozen?

Can the dough balls be frozen. If yes what is the procedure?

Michael F.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Over the years I was never big on freezing dough. Working on a frozen line for nearly 2 years I did find in our own research that some yeast dies during the flash frozen process and it depended on how cold you actually got your dough. Some yeast died up to 20%. The other issue was storing several dough balls making sure they didn't mis shape was an issue if you didn't have enough room in your freezer. During the research for the Pizza Bible we felt that right after you balled your dough you should go into your freezer and defrosting your dough came from something I learned on an episode of bar rescue we went into a place that had frozen dough. The owner swore by it and til then I never was a fan of frozen dough, especially professional dough. This one actually tasted good. Didn't have that processed flavor. The defrosting method was what interested me the most. They would take the dough out of their box and bags it was stored in and submerge them into a warm bath water to defrost. Well it worked and worked fast. Was a great method and I explain more about it in my book.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

I usually don't freeze dough to re-use....but one year I did....every year I cooked pizza for superbowl....I always make my dough ahead of time. One year I had an extra leftover.........I did not want to leave it in the frig, because dough can go bad if you leave it in the frig for a long time. I only had one left, so I put it in the freezer and forgot about it. One day I found that dough about a month later. I was thinking that it was not gonna to be good. I let it thaw in the wife likes thin I took the dough out of the frig...and rolled it out while the dough was cold. I was able to roll it very thin. It turn out fantastic.....the dough tasted fine and it was very crunchy and held the ingredients very well. I tried that method with fresh dough, roll out the dough while still cold and it did not quite had the characteristics of the frozen dough and this is just for making thin crusts. For making thin crust pizza I use this method, make a regular dough, freeze it for awhile, roll it out while cold. I also brush olive oil on the crust before putting on the sauce. I cook my pizza on a screen with stones. Once the crust cooks enough toward the last, I will slip them off the screens and let them cook directly on the stone.

Mark S.
posted almost 5 years ago

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