Can't get smooth dough balls

I'm fairly new to pizza; I've probably only made the master dough (without starter) three or four times. I am following measurements and steps to the letter, but when it comes time to ball the dough after the 24 hour bulk ferment I struggle to get a really smooth skin on the dough balls.

See the photo below (or here for hi-res: for an example. The skin splits a little bit and no matter how long I ball for (not too long, I'm scared of over-kneading), I can't get the balls perfectly smooth.

Where am I going wrong?

EDIT (4/24/19): Might be important to add that I'm mixing my dough in a KitchenAid with a c-hook. Tony writes that the dough should be mixed on the lowest setting so I mixed on "Stir" (2 is the next highest setting). In videos where he's teaching this method, Tony seems to use this speed as well. Wondering if I should be mixing on 2 -- the higher speed might be acceptable given the short mix time.

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Nicholas S.
posted 7 months ago

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Make sure your dough is properly mixed. After the initial mixing, a short resting period (~15 minutes) and then a short final knead on the counter top with a minimal amount of flour will help smooth it out.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 7 months ago

Thanks, Raj. I did let the dough rest at room temp for one hour and then hand kneaded for a few minutes before putting it in the fridge for the bulk ferment.

Do I need a longer mix on the front end?

- Nicholas   7 months ago

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