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I am able to get pound and pounds of the Caputo Chef flour virtually for free through a childhood friend of my who owns his own Pastry shop. I am able to get others as well but I wanted to get the opinion on this type of flour as I see in the pizza bible it has a variety of the same company.

The flour im talking about if the Caputo Chef flour , certified importated from Naples Italy 🇮🇹, spec stat it's about 13% protien. I got literally 20lbs of this stuff.

Anyone want to share their experience with this flour? How workable is it? What variety of pizza will it be best for, etc.

According to my friend and some locals they say it's a jack of all trades. Meaning it can be used from pizza to bread to pastries.

Thanks all!

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

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Caputo makes a few types of flours, the "Red" (aka Chef's) and the "Blue" (aka Pizzeria) are the two that are most well-known. Both can be used for pizzas, pastas and breads, but the Red is slightly higher in protein.

Both are lower-protein, 00 (finely milled) flours that perform quite well in high temperature ovens. For traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas, low-protein 00 is the flour of choice. Caputo is the most popular brand in this category.

Personally, I love the Caputo Red over the blue and use it for pastas and pizzas. Yesterday though, I made Pizza Bianco (it's actually more of a bread) using the Red. I was very happy with it. If you have access to it, by all means use it! It's fantastic flour.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback !! I am excited to try this flour out , got some starter brewing for a few pizzas as we speak 😆

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

Hi Salvatore,
I can comment on the Caputo Pizzeria (blue) flour.
Taking into consideration that I have only used one batch (3 Pizzas) so far, I am not yet fond with this type of flour as it lacks flavor IMHO.


Ulli Haus
posted over 2 years ago

So after a few pizza made with the Chef Flour, its still not quite what I am looking for, its still more incline to a Neapolitan style dough, seems very delicate and if you over stretch the dough becomes very thin and weak, nice crust but still a bit chewy.

Im looking for a stronger dough more for a NY Style dough, or maybe Im not doing something correctly. I use the master dough recipe with Poolish or Tiga ive tried both, not really sure of the differences there.

Any ideas? Advice on what flour I should try next?

Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

If you're shooting for a New York-style dough, Caputo Chef is not the way to go unless you can get your hands on the new Caputo 00 Americana flour. Even though the Chef's flour is a tad higher in protein it's not enough for a good NY-style dough, imo.

King Arthur Bread flour is a good choice or any high gluten flour mentioned in TG's book.

- Mike   over 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply, I have used the king arthur bread flour didnt seem to be much better .. I will try it again before i start to special order flour, which eventually I will anyway. Just trying to see how far I can get with local store flour.

- Salvatore   over 2 years ago

If you had the same problems with KABF then most likely the error lies with your mixing, dough management or storage after mixing.

Lots of people had only good experiences with KABF for the most part.

- Mike   over 2 years ago

Thanks Mike, I will try the KABF again not that I have a few pies under my belt I can have a better comparison.

- Salvatore   over 2 years ago

Please keep us posted on your progress, Sal. It may help others as well.

- Mike   over 2 years ago

Latest with the Caputo Chef flour , I make my own mozzarella from churd important from NY (family friend owns a Italian deli) which is actually grande curds.

Made a cheese and a sausage and cheese.

Currently only using 1 stone due to my other stone broke smh. The first pizza the cheese I might of stretch the middle to much and it had a floppy middle not to much just slightly(again this may be due to many other factors like type of flour and human error) 2nd pizza came out a bit better , both very thin , here are some pics. Sorry I don't have more the baby and I were hungry lol.

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Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

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