Chicago Deep Dish Style - Spinach

Round two with the Chicago Deep Dish. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first at what this pizza was going to taste like. I mean come on, exclusively spinach as a topping on a pizza other than cheese and sauce? I had eaten a spinach stromboli from Sbarro before, but that was because I was starving and that was all that was left. My parents loved to make spinach for dinner but it was steamed/wilted and not oil-sautéed. It seemed like the spinach my parents made was always not tasty and too watery. I did not like Spinach served that way. The oil-sauteed approach with salt and pepper makes a huge difference in how spinach tastes. It had a transformed, rich, robust taste, rather than a strong, overpowering vegetable taste. The sauteed spinach worked great as a topping and the pizza was delicious.

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Matthew D.
posted over 3 years ago

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Looks great Matthew! I really the spinach and ricotta pie. I would have liked to have a slice.

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Paul S.
posted over 3 years ago

Beautiful pie Matthew! Sauteeing the spinach in oil really transforms it. It goes well with the tomato, ricotta, cheese and bread. Mushrooms are a great addition to this pie as well. Great job.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago

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