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Yeah, yeah. I know waffles and pizza aren't exactly the same thing, but I'll put this out there anyway.

I was recently reading a recipe for making waffles. The recipe called for using club soda rather than milk (with Bisquick).

I guess the idea is that the club soda gives the waffles a more light and fluffy texture.

Has anyone ever tried using club soda in a pizza dough?
If so, what was your result?

If not,. would it be worth trying? Yeah, I know we don't use milk in pizza dough recipes, but we do use water. So.... I'm curious if using club soda in pizza dough would have the same (supposed) affect as it would have in waffles.

Tory Glenn
posted over 2 years ago

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I guess it is subbed for water in quick breads like waffle and it's used in tempura batters, but they don't have long rise times, right? Club soda, to me, tastes like medicine Alka Seltzer, whereas plain H20 is delish (personal taste, I know). But watch/imagine for additives in club soda that might give off flavors. Plus carbonation is very fleeting. Soda will go stale anyway long before fermentation ends, right?

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Maria .
posted over 2 years ago

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