Cold dough vs. warm dough

Why do some pizzerias use cold dough while others use dough that's at room temperature? Is there a difference in the end result? Or is it more about being easier to stretch?

Personally, I've had some trouble with dough that's been left out for a while because it's a little bit too delicate. I end up getting thin spots.

Ben T.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Funny I am teaching a course right now and talked about this for 30 minutes today.
One of the first rules is to never put cold dough in a hot oven. Typically why you see restaurants putting cold dough in ovens is because
1. They don't know why cold dough isn't the correct way to bake
2. They don't want to use dough that is hard to handle so they switch because prefer cold hard dough. It's easier not better.
One of the things that kills me is if your a person who teaches someone the correct way of cooking and staging dough and they don't do it because it is harder to handle. You see it a lot unfortunetly.
Cold dough tends to scorch when it hits the floor of an oven making the bottom cook faster than the middle. This makes for an uneven cook, weak and soft pizza.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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