Confusion about the protein amount in German flour

I recently bought the book and read through the opening information, master class etc.
However, I am from Germany, so it is hard to source the recommended flours. Since Germany has a rich baking culture, there are many flours though, however I am confused about the protein amount in these flours. In various online sources it is written that Type 1050 flour equals US High Gluten Flour and it is said to have 13-14% which would be great, however the protein amount indicated on the packaging usually says something like 11-12%.

Does anyone have experience with baking in Germany or is anyone from Germany too and has successfully baked some of the book's Pizzas?

Help would be much appreciated
Best regards

Nikolai V.
posted 3 months ago

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Hello I've just made a batch on Neapolitan with 15% locally,y milled protein wheat flour.For my purposes the pizzas were amazing

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Stephen Cobb
posted 3 months ago

The results was really light with a great base.I fired these at 750f

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Stephen Cobb
posted 3 months ago

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