copycat broccoli rabe & sausage

Tried making a copycat of Umberto's broccoli rabe and sausage grandma pie. Broccoli rabe is, or at least used to be, Italian-American soul-food. Very hush, hush--like nobody knew what the heck you were eating except another Italian kinda thing. Now, it's ubiquitous. Next time, more sausage for sure. Seemed like so much when I was putting it together, but when eating it--different story. mmm mmm good--& healthful nowadays, too! LOL (slice is Umberto's)

Medium umbertos broccoli rabe

Medium nov 2018 broccoli rabe

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Maria .
posted almost 2 years ago

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Looks great! Have to try that recipe next.

Richard Y.
posted almost 2 years ago

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