Cracker Thin - Italian Stallion

I loved the taste of this pizza! The ingredients seem a little wild at first, but it all pairs wonderfully. I made homemade horseradish for the first time in my life for this recipe. Yes, it was profoundly better tasting than horseradish that has been prepared and canned. I had read somewhere that factory workers wear gas masks while they prepare horseradish commercially. Word to the wise, open two windows and get air circulation moving because when you start grating the innocent looking horseradish root, it will put you in tears and out of the game momentarily.

The dough for this pizza was frozen and it was bathed and thawed. I had to role it again after messing it up trying to toss cornmeal underneath a sticky area. It still came out okay, but there was definitely a difference in the texture of the crust. The pizza was made according to The Pizza Bible Recipe. The horseradish gives the pizza a mild kick, the peppadew peppers give it a sweet kick, the provolone, mozzarella, cream-cheese and fontina blend well with the beef and sausage. I would have never guessed that all the ingredients on this pizza would work together and taste so good.

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Matthew D.
posted over 3 years ago

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