Crust Blistering and Hollow, Spider-web like gluten/crumb structure

Hey all,

I am looking to achieve a west-coast style pizza like Gjelina and Mozza. Their crusts are characterized as being well fermented, with blisters on the cornicione and a crumb structure in the cornicione that is nearly hollow, or looks "spider-web" like.

see here




and here (great video with Peter Reinhart)

I know Mozza uses a preferment, and it looks like a pretty well fermented dough. Gjelina is also well fermented. However, by the time my current dough gets to this point, the balls are extremely soft and slack.

Does anyone have any tips or insight for achieving this without ending up with balls that are so slack they tear and stretch too easily?

Lou T.
posted about 1 year ago

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Totally enjoyed the pizza porn! Are you working with the Mozza recipe? It's easily available. Just keep in mind that those two--Silverton & Rinehart--are professionally trained bakers with decades of experience, and Silverton is a superstar--and has been for a long time. Are you a hobbyist or pro? (It's like when you go down to the local public courts to play tennis. You FEEL like Serena Williams, but can you hit like her?--only if you died & were born again lol.)

I remember the Silverton dough being very soft and wet. I think the dough is slack and tears easily by design, so imo the only thing you can do is to be gentle with it. Use a light touch, use your discretion when stretching, and have patience, & of course practice, practice, practice! I don't think there's a magic bullet. (Are you doing all the required stretch & folds?)

Is the Mozza recipe legit? ie Are you going to come out with the same product
What do you think? The recipe is "adapted for home use." You can come up with something good, but not a duplicate of what you'll get there for sure.

How 'bout some pics?!

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Maria .
posted about 1 year ago


You mean like the pies in the pics below? If so, can you please post your current dough formula and how you mix it?

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Mike K.
posted about 1 year ago

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