Deep dish is exuding water when sliced

Deep dish turns out great except when I slice it I am dabbing up a ton of water which quickly ruins the crust. Happens on the sausage deep dish and the spinach. No top crust and I am using ceramic bakeware. What’s causing it?

Dee Damico
posted 10 months ago

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This is a common problem with deep dish pizzas containing veggies. you could sauté the spinach ahead of time to release some of the moisture before putting it into the pie. Also you could layer the bottom of the pie with sliced cheese, creating a protective barrier. Sausage will release a lot of oil, but not water.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 10 months ago

Drain the tomatoes, drain and press the hell out of spinach. Parbake the crust covered in cheese slices a minimum of 2-4 minutes before addings ingredients and sauce. You can add raw sausage with the parbake which will make sure the sausage is cooked. it will also seal the base with the cheese and oil from both. Water will not leak through it. You want the dough base solid and thick enough but not too thick as well. And you have to cook it long and slow to crisp it up. I have parbaked this way as long as 10 minutes before adding other ingredients and crushed tomatoes. The tomatoes/sauce is better too because it is not cooked down as long.Oh, and I wouldn't use ceramic- buy and use real deep dish steel pan that can be found on Ebay cheap.

Mr Mike
posted 8 months ago

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