Detroit Style and Cheese Sticking

Hey all,

I recently began using crisco in my Lloyd pans for detroit style pizza; a switch from the oil I used formerly. It's giving me a crispier crust and I love how it holds the dough in the pan. However, I've been noticing my cheese is getting caramelized to the side of my lloyd pans a bit more firmly than normal. Where the pies used to slide right out, the cheese is now really baked onto the pan.

I'm wondering if this is because of the crisco, or perhaps because I'm not using enough crisco up the sides of the pan? Is anyone else having this problem?

It's been occurring with mozzarella (that caramelizes fairly dark,) and higher fat cheeses like havarti, which get more golden than dark because of all of the fat. Both are sticking.

Lou T.
posted over 3 years ago

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