Detroit Style White Pie from Tonight. All Trumps 70% Hydration

It's been a while since I've made pizzas, but tonight I made a white Detroit style pizza. based on Shawn Randazzo's recent reply about the characteristics of a Detroit-style pie, I made went with 70% hydration which was a bit higher than my normal dough formulation.

More details:

All Trumps Flour, 70% hydration. Starter, then 2 day cold rise for the dough. For yeast, I went with Red Star brand active dry yeast. Only about 1/4 teaspoon for the ball of dough.

For the toppings, I used thinly sliced roasted Yukon gold potatoes, seasoned with shallot, salt, pepper, bay leaves and tarragon. Topped with scallions.

The cheese on top was a semi-soft Fontina. For the edges, I used a peppercorn asiago. The fontina was perfect, and my theory on the asiago was validated: it's drier similar to a cheddar and will crisp up real well. That said, I've found white cheddar and asiago to be a bit sharp for my tastes. It's super tasty, but also overkill in terms of richness.

The All Trumps at 70% hydration performed quite well. Excellent crumb, great chew, but not too bready. Pics below. Next time, I'll add some arugula and lemon juice to balance out the rich flavor. Overall, a great success!

Medium 01 img 20151202 204019

Medium 02 img 20151202 203928

Medium 03 img 20151202 203916

Medium 04 img 20151202 203743

Medium 05 img 20151202 202514

Medium 06 img 20151202 190853

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 4 years ago

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Looks excellent, Raj. I have somewhat neglected the Detroit style a bit and need to get back on it.

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Mike K.
posted about 4 years ago

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