Diastatic malt

Is this malt, the same malt that homebrewers use to make beer with? or is it different? one for baking with and one for making beer?

Mark S.
posted about 5 years ago

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The malt component is the same as what home brewers use: malted barley that has been milled.

The same product that we add to my flour, and the malt I recomend to buy is from central milling. It's in a 5# bag (low diastatic malt), has three components: flour (as a carrier), dextrose, and malted barley flour.


Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Hi. I have read a few artivles online and seen som forum threads. One of them sums it up like this: "The enzymes present in the diastatic malt will hydrolize starch into sugars that are fermentable by the yeast. This results in a softer, more sticky dough that will exhibit faster browning properties in the oven, resulting in a shorter baking time (to prevent “over baking”). This reduces the thickness of the bottom of the crust (browned portion). The resulting finished crust might be crispy when first removed from the oven but could quickly turn soft and floppy within minutes, if not seconds, of removal from the oven."

Is this true? Will the malt actually ruin the pizza?

René Munthe E.
posted 11 months ago

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