Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt

Just curious if you can use Diaststic & Non-Diastatic Malt together when making dough?

Thank you!

Matt D.
posted 10 months ago

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Non-diastatic malt is basically just a sweetener and browning agent, much like sugar or honey.

Diastatic malt, on the other hand, helps with dough fermentation, browning and development. What you want is the low-diastatic malt (20 degree Lintner).


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Mike K.
posted 10 months ago

Mike, do you know anything about having malt ground to a flour and it's litner? I can't find Malt easily in Australia, but a local beer brewing store has all sorts of malt from barley, wheat etc.... They are going to ground some diastatic malt to a flour for me but I have no way of knowing the litner.
Any idea how you can tell if it's too strong?
Is it taste or too much rise etc?

Thanks Mike!

- John   8 months ago

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