Dough ball weight and pizza diameter relationship

Has anyone played around with how much dough you need to correspond with various diameters of the final pizza? Just thought I'd ask before going through a bunch of trial and error.

Oh, this little pizza was from the leftover dough after splitting out the two 13oz. balls. My toddler thought it was awesome. (In case anyone is curious, half cheese, half sausage. And the dough was the master recipe with the exception of the tiga, which was 1/4 rye, 1/4 whole wheat, and the remaining All Trumps bromated for the flour. Gave a much stronger wheat/rye flavor than I expected).

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Mark S.
posted over 4 years ago

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Mark, the answer varies based on the style of pizza being made and your personal style.

Tony Gemignani shared a nice little formula on this thread:

The pies I make tend be lighter/thinner most recipes, so I go with ~300 grams for a 13" ball and scale accordingly based on size. If I want a slightly thicker pie, I'll increase to 325 grams.

Hope this helps.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

I recall, Raj, that you had used less dough than me for a New York style crust. I use about 380, which is 1/2 of the Master Dough recipe. Based on his formula, that would be medium thickness (390 gm) for a 13" pie with 13 oz (390 gm) of dough and yours would be closer to thin (330 gm) based on his formula (13 oz minus 2 oz = 11 oz, or 330 gm (actually, the conversion factor is 29.57 gm/ounce of water, but what the heck...). So his formula is a very handy rule of thumb...

- Ken   over 4 years ago

I had not seen Tony's post before--I like the simplicity of it (although I tend to weigh everything in grams). Here are some replies that I received to a question about dough weight for Sicilian pizza where Chuck shared a Thickness Factor that he uses for his round and square pizzas, as well. Ironically, I made a followup post to that thread just a few minutes before I found yours. Great minds...

Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

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