Dough problem

Hello !

So i did everything like the pizza bible said for Neapolitan Style .. after 2 days in the fridge , my dough stretch out so much and went pretty flat .. not sure if its supposed to do that ... but doesn't look right to me .. need some advice , maybe im doing something wrong , or maybe i need to put on a different container that will hold it together .. thanks !

Here's a photo . as u can see its so wide and flat ..

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Tin Ojeda
posted over 4 years ago

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Hi Tin,

Tt's perfectly ok for dough to do this. This happens with longer fermentation times and doesn't mean there's something wrong with your dough. Try baking it and let us know how it turns out!


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

Thanks Raj ! ... no need to stretch it so much since the dough is more than half way there .. ha .. Can i put a little olive oil on the bottom so it doesnt stick .. its really hard to peal off without loosing the round shape ..

- Tin   over 4 years ago

Tin, you can definitely use some olive oil. Avoid extra virgin since it will impart too much flavor. Canola or plain oil will work best. Also, a plastic dough scraper is very helpful. Keeping it the dough as round as possible will ensure your end result is also round. Good luck.

- Raj   over 4 years ago

one more question .. After a day , do u think its ok to re ball it ? or should i leave it alone ? .. many thanks raj !!!

- Tin   over 4 years ago

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