Dry clumpy dough

what causes the dough to do this. At the top of this piece it's hard clumpy crumbles

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Johnny R.
posted over 4 years ago

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Looks like unhydrated flour to me or the dough wasn't mixed properly. Next time mix water and flour in a bowl and let sit for about 30 mins to allow the flour to be hydrated properly. Then add the rest of the ingredients and proceed as usual.

Maybe Tony or Raj can chime in as well.

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Mike K.
posted over 4 years ago

Johnny, I think Mike nailed it. Even if there's enough water being used, it's very possible that parts of the dough ball didn't get properly mixed.

One thing you can try is starting out with equal parts water and flour. Mix it together until it turns into a batter, then add the rest in.

Also, if you're using a stand mixer, it's very easy for this sort of thing to happen. The dough balls around the hook and then rides up, make it very easy for parts of the dough to not get properly mixed.

If this is the case, you can stop the mixer every 30 seconds and remove the dough from the hook. This will help quite a bit Second, after mixing with the stand mixer, place the dough ball on your counter and knead the dough ball by hand for a minute or two. This brings everything together and makes a noticeable difference.

Good luck and let us know how your next batch turns out!

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

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