DSP dough and pan size.

How do you figure out how much dough you would need for a certain size pan for Detroit Style pizza? I have other square pans I want to try out, but not for sure how much dough to use. Thanks.

Mark S.
posted almost 5 years ago

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First you will need to do some testing in one of your pans to figure out your ideal dough weight. After you have that number, you can apply that ratio to any pan using a simple math formula. For example: pan size = 10" x 17". square inches of pan = 170 square inches. In a 10x17" pan I like to use 18oz of dough. Here is my formula that I will use to assure that no matter what size pan I use my dough/ratio will be the exact same.

170*x = 18. x = 18/170. x = .106. now that I have the value of "x", I can use any size pan and have the same pan to dough ratio.
Check it out: my pan size is 14x20. square inches of that pan is = 280. 280*.106=29.68. I would use 29.68oz of dough in the 14x20 pan and use 18oz of dough in a 10x17 pan and have the exact same ratio of dough.

Here are some values of "x" that I have come up with for Sicilian dough weights:
Here is the formula = (square inches of pizza) * X = ounces of dough
Thin = .095
Traditional = .106
Medium = .124
Thick = .153

Jeff Smoke
posted almost 5 years ago

I second Jeff's reply. Definitely calculate the number. I typically use grams per square inch. That is, if I see a recipe I'm using, I calculate the area of the pan recommended and divide the weight of the ball by the number of square inches yielding grams/sq. in.

Then I take the area of the new pan and calculate area in square inches then multiply by grams/sq. in.


Original recipe pan size: 10x10in. 10x10 = 100 square inches
Weight of dough ball: 400 grams.
Grams/square inch = 400 grams / 100 square inches = 4 grams/sq. inch.

New pan size: 12x12in. 12x12 = 144 square inches.
Dough for 12x12 pan = 144 * 4 = 576 grams.

Hope this helps.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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