DSP Shrinks While Parbaking

I made a lovely Detroit-style this evening, however, every time I make a pie that requires parbaking it shrinks away from the sides during the parbake.

The dough definitely was all the way into the corners and touching all the sides, but after the darn parbake it shrank away.

The pie still tasted amazing, but it made it difficult to get that oh-so-crucial crispy side cheese.

I believe I followed the instructions in the book to a tee. I'm wondering it was too much oil/butter (which I used the exact amount asked for), or if I didn't let it proof long enough (I let it rise/proof for an hour).


William Oberacker
posted 10 months ago

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Hi William, I've had a similar experience with the parbake. I've been skipping the parbake and have had great results without the issue of shrinkage. I also put sauce on the pie before the bake. The attached picture is of a Detroit Style pie where I've skipped the parbake step.

Medium dsp

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 10 months ago

Thanks for the reply, Raj. Did you increase the cooking times at all? Wouldn't the dough still need to cook a bit more if you skip the 6 minutes of parbaking?

- William   10 months ago

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