Electric Counter-top Pizza oven

I am looking for any advice,suggestions,experiences, or any information on a good indoor counter-top electric pizza oven.
I am not looking to do high volume. A single deck would work, but a double deck is fine.
My main product will be NY style pizza.
Thank You

Bradley D.
posted 12 months ago

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Hi bradley, I have a Bakers Pride countertop. It has exceeded all expectations and makes fantastic New York, Chicago, and Detroit Style pies.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 12 months ago

I use Prismafood Basic 4 (500 C limit) and PizzaGroup Max Entry 8 (450 C limit) with pizza-screens. Both work just fine!

Giorgio O.
posted 12 months ago

Beginning of May I purchased a Waring WPO500 countertop oven. Goes up to 870°F and can hold up to 18" pizzas.

Very happy with it.

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Mike K.
posted 12 months ago

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