Extending the Sicilian fermentation to 72 hours

I have not been around for a while because of a 10 pound weight gain that I attributed to my pizza addiction...! However, I came out of "retirement" last weekend with some Sicilian pizzas, which were quite passable...

I am thinking about making a few for Friday night, which would require my making the dough Wednesday after a full day of work, but if I could make them tomorrow without much of a difference, that would be splendid. Has anyone experimented with a 72 hour cold fermentation of the Sicilian dough?

Thanks in advance,
Ken K

Ken K.
posted 28 days ago

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I have! I've done 24, 48 and 72 hours, with and without starter. I was happiest with an 8-hour starter and a 48 hour cold fermentation. I think the 72 hour would be just fine too, but didn't think it was necessary.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 27 days ago

Thanks, Raj. My concern wasn't whether the 72 hour fermentation would improve the dough; the concern was that it would not result in significant degradation. It sounds like it not be an issue, so thanks much for the encouragement. Thanks, Ken

Ken K.
posted 27 days ago

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