First Attempt at Chicago Cracker Crust

Somehow, even after living in the Chicago area for 2-3 years, I had never even heard of this style till reading the Pizza Bible. So I thought I would give it a shot. I did do vary the recipe slightly in that I used a bit less cheese, and didn't put on any of the garlic oil (as I didn't have any made up). It turned out pretty well. The dough is definitely more difficult to work with than a NY style, but that might just be due to experience.

I do have a couple questions. The recipe calls for a medium grind corn meal. I asked here once before, and got a suggestion for a place to get some online. But instead of doing that, I just decided to pick up some Bob's Red Mill Blue Corn Meal that was listed as a medium grind that I could grab locally. I primarily decided to do this because I've always loved blue corn. But after using it, I'm not sure I trust the medium grind part. Some of the pieces seem a bit too big (almost like getting a bit of gravel in your food). As I've had deep dish many times in Chicago, I've never run into one this coarse before when eating a pie.

I've attached a photo below. On the left (red) is quinoa, as I figured that was the smallest grain I had for a size comparison. Next is the blue cornmeal (you can see that some of the pieces are easily half the size of the quinoa), then just Quaker Yellow Corn Meal, and last the Cerasota flour. My guess is that a medium grind as noted in the book is probably much closer to the Quaker in size, and probably just a bit bigger. Is that correct?

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Mark S.
posted about 4 years ago

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