First Detroit Style Pizza attempt... NAILED IT !!

Nailed my first DSP attempt. Really appreciate some of the previous comments on here about the behavior of the Lloyds pan which I used. Based on these comments I did NOT use butter. I used about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a paper towel to rub it all over the pan. The paper towel probably soaked up half the oil. The pizza came out of the pan very easily. Also cooked it a little lower at 485F. Time wise I stuck with the recipe exactly. (there are 5 pics attached I took throughout the process)

Medium img 0357

Medium img 0358

Medium img 0362

Medium img 0363

Medium img 0364

Eric Mooney
posted about 1 month ago

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By the way -- I made another 2 of these a few weeks later. I highly recommend reducing the "cheese on the edge" by half. 7 ounces is just way too much. After one or two bites of the edge, it's just overwhelming. Using half the amount gave you the same flavor and crunchiness.

Eric Mooney
posted 7 days ago

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