First pizzas from The Pizza Bible

Dough was from pg.22, sauce was New York-New Jersey on pg.28, finished with garlic oil from pg.29, cheese was fresh mozzarella (grated, easier said than done) I made 3 pizzas. The first two in 500 degree oven using pizza stones placed at specified oven locations. I used top stone first then moved to bottom stone. Allowed about 10 min recovery time before loading another pizza. For fun I did my third pizza with the broiler. Once the oven recovered I turned off the oven and broiler to high. Gave it about 5 min then loaded the pizza on top stone. Did some quick clean-up then checked the pizza and it was starting to burn. Moved it to the lower stone to brown the bottom. Even with the burnt parts it still tasted great.

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Sammy Here
posted almost 5 years ago

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Really nice looking pizzas. Congrats. So glad to see your results. What cheese did you use? Your Cornicione look great.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Cheese was BelGioioso

- Sammy   almost 5 years ago

Wow! Great job! The pizzas turned out great! We've found that pizza steels work just as great if not better than stones! You might like them better. Your dough looks great, especially in the pic of the slice. The steels might help you firm up the bottom a little more so it isn't quite as floppy but all in all I think you did a great job! Keep at it and it can only get better!

Laura Meyer
posted almost 5 years ago

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